What is a reasonable adoption fee?  Would you prefer to adopt a horse as is, with a lower adoption fee?  Or would you pay more for a horse that has been vetted, up-to-date and had some training and is ready for you to take home and play with?

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What are we adopting them from? The BLM or a rescue organization?
Rescue organization
I guess my question is, would you prefer paying less for a horse that has nothing but the bare minumum provided you can't vet or ride? Or, would you pay more of an adoption fee for a horse that came with some knowledge and confidence behind it?
I'm thinking of all the nitty gritty details here... and getting lost on the question.

It comes down to this... If I'm looking for a horse I can't ride, I know at least 5 people that would be willing to GIVE me such a horse.

If I'm looking for a horse that I CAN ride, I know hundreds and thousands of people that would love to sell me theirs. Whether it's worth going thru the vetting rigamarole or not.

If said rescue organization has a horse that is unridable, and wants to place it with a trust worthy home, they should give it away. No charge.
All know that just taking it off the organizations hands will save them countless of dollars over many years.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the question is whether or not the horse is rideable, its whether or not a rideable horse has had any training. I think the thought process here is this....

Horse A comes into the rescue's program and appears to be sound of mind and body. No glaring unsoundness issues. Perhaps they're straight from the track and have had little other life experiences besides the track. You don't get to vet him. You don't get to ride him, but you can handle him and see what his personality is like. How much is a reasonable adoption fee?

Then there is Horse B. Horse B comes into the same rescue's program and also appears to be sound. He also came from the track. However Horse B sees the vet, who gives him a clean bill of health. He's also on a regular vaccination and deworming program. In addition to this, Horse B is assigned to a semi-pro rider who gives him 30-60 days under saddle time to get past many of the initial issues he may have coming from the track. These could be handling issues, retraining issues, etc. In other words, by the time you go look at him, he can w/t/c both directions and halt and may have been to a couple of horse shows. In addition, when you go look at Horse B, you actually get to ride him (unlike Horse A). You can also have your own vet check him out if you prefer. How much is a reasonable adoption fee for Horse B with the above skills, training, history, etc.?

Obviously both horses have some value (even if very little in today's market). How much would a reasonable fee be for Horse A? How much would a reasonable fee be for Horse B?
Yup... told ya I was getting lost in the question.


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