Any suggestions on what type of western stirrup to use with prosthesis

I have a left leg prosthesis and currently I am using the Abetta Escape Breakaway stirrups while taking lessons.

The prosthetic foot does not slide very well in and out of the Abetta Escape safety stirrups I bought. I got the mens ones so they would be wider but I am having a hard time getting my foot in them and then hard to get it back out too.

I have to put my foot in right up the the heel with both feet as I cannot feel the stirrup under the ball of my foot, (The western levels manual says this is appropriate)

I think maybe I need to find some wider stirrups, maybe a wider base will be better?

If I remember right it was easier to get my foot in them when I used regular stirrups without the tapedero (sp) on it.

My foot would fall out all of the time with the covered stirrups as it would not go in far enough.


Is there anyone else who rides with a prosthesis that can has any suggestions as to what to use for western riding and what works for them?

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I don't have a prosthesis, but I certainly applaud you for riding. Way to go!!! If it's simply a wider stirrup you're looking for, I use a hunting stirrup for wintertime because it accommodates my heavy winter snow boots. They are 5-1/2" wide, 2-3/4" deep and 6-1/2" tall and are available through Hope this helps!
Thanks so much Mary!!
I will look at those stirrups for sure! It's so hard to do impact exercises, riding is the best thing I have found. It develops my muscles I never knew I had. I really need to find a stirrup that will be easier for both of my feet will go in and stay in.
I am so glad that I took it up again after all these years. I have my ups and downs and know that with continued riding I will gain more strength and become fitter.
When I am with my horse and riding my lesson horse I am a happier person.
You're welcome. I hope they work for you. I forgot to mention they are plastic and therefore a bit slick. I have a padded piece velcroed on the bottom, both for cushion and stickiness, but I can't remember what they are called. It might be a Cashel product. Maybe they will work for you as is.
I know what you mean about horses affecting your attitude. They simply are the BEST therapists!!!
Happy trails,

I don't have experience with a prosthesis, but if you're looking for a good breakaway stirrup with some grip, the Freejump stirrup is the best out there on the market.  Horse Rookie did a great roundup of 10 stirrups ranked on grip/comfort/price/safety >>  You don't necessarily need to be a jumper to need a solid stirrup.  I hope your riding journey is everything you hoped it to be.  You are an inspiration to me and many equestrians out there, no doubt.  Happy Riding!


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