Not only is GA home to the world's largest aquarium, but now appears to be the largest and least fun waterpark in the SE U.S. I had high hopes for October. Nature had other plans. My TB has been out of work since June with various injuries/barefoot transitioning. He's finally sound and the rain just won't stop!!! Unfortunately, the arena at my boarding stable is turf. Even when the rain takes a day off, it's slick and wet. I'm looking for a place to build my own barn now, and you can bet it won't have a turf arena!

Of course, it could be worse. My trainer, Leslie Olsen of Willowbrook Equestrian Center in Villa Rica, GA, had her place devastated by a flash flood. We've been dodging the rain drops trying to rebuild. We can't replace the horses that were lost, but a significant amount has been done to return the place to operation. The survivors finally came home this weekend and it's starting to feel like a stable again. On Nov. 7th and 8th, we will be having a clinic. Leslie, Adrienne Rodgers and several other local trainers will be present. Topics will range from dressage to trailer loading. The proceeds will go to Willowbrook. Currently the clinic is to be held at Willowbrook, but that might be optimistic. The official announcement will be on the GA Dressage and Combined Training website, and I'll post an update here. If you're in the Atlanta area, come on out and spend some time with us. It's always more fun to play in puddles as a group.

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Yes, In Los Angeles, CA... now that the 100 plus degrees of September are gone, and the fires..... we had a few days of fun weather, and now rain.. and mud... :(


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