In the next few weeks I'm meeting someone who teaches this technique and I've been out of the loop for some years and I would like to know a bit more about this so I can talk sensibly with them. All I can find on the internet is a variety of teaching establishments in America extolling it's wonders.

I would just like to know other peoples opinions.


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Hi Kt, I attended a Balimo clinic a number of years ago and it was lots of fun and seemed helpful. At the time, I hadn't had much exposure to physiotherapy techniques, stretching classes or osteopaths, but now I have, so I have a different "take" on it.

From my experience, Balimo takes some very good stretching techniques and applies them to issues with people's riding position. There's nothing revolutionary about the stretches, but the good part is that the person helping you knows about riding and can see where in your body you need to stretch to obtain a better seat.

You should ask, but I believe the instructors are not licensed therapists, but have taken the special Balimo course. Depending on your issues, it would be worthwhile to see if they could help you, remembering that they have not re-invented the wheel. In other words, you shouldn't be paying more for their help than you would a licensed practitioner. If you're thinking of doing a clinic they are lots of fun and all participants seem to enjoy them.
Thank you Susan,

You have confirmed my "impressions" of what Balimo is and it is really nice to know that you feel that had a positive experience with it.


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