Ever wish you had an extra pair of eyes while riding? Do you live far away from your coach but still want day-to-day feedback? Are you trying to take your riding to the next level?

Equisense, a French startup, is currently developing Balios, which analyzes your horse's stride, bascule, soundness and more while you ride and gives you updates on your smartphone! Plus you can keep track of shoeing, dental work, chiropractic visits, and more so your horse never gets behind schedule!

Data is collected from a sensor that you attach to your horse’s girth.

A Kickstarter will be launched November 4th to make this tracker a reality.

We would also like feedback from equestrians for the final product and app so comments are much appreciated.

To learn more, visit the site where you can sign up for updates or become an Ambassador. I really hope you will consider taking a look and supporting the project.

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The Kickstarter has been launched! Check it out!


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