So I am changing My horses diet and wanted to hear what you all think about it, and if you could share your experiences with something along the lines of this one!

Current situation and Diet:

15.5 HH QH, built like an athletic TB or WB, elegant bone structure.

Works 1 hour, 5 days a week doing : flatwork, 3ft jumping grids, or galloping at full speed 1/8 of a mile, or lunging. quite fit.

Eatinge regime:

Breakfast; 3 quarts of pro force fuel, 1/2 cup of BOSS, 1/2 cup of oil.

Lunch; 2 quarts of pro force fuel, 1/2 cup of BOSS, 1 cup Apple cider vinegar, One fleck of Hay.

Dinner; 3 quarts Pro Force F, 1/2 cup of oil. 1 fleck of hay.

She is on lush pasture all day. gets groomed once a day.

Very hard keeper, not fat at all on this diet, just maintains herself. sorta shiny, but should be more, considering how i groom her!


-reasons for wanting to change diet-

I feel like she is getting to much concentrates and crap filling her system, I want a happy shiney and healty, fit athelete, and this is not doing it for her even though her feed is top of the line. I want her on a diet that will be leaning more towards a natural proccess of things.

On to the new diet!!!

Workload is same as above. I won't list how much I will feed because (obviously) I haven't started it, and don't know what my crazy hard keeper will take or need. 

breakfast; rolled oats, a little bit of high quality sweet feed, BOSS, ACV. lace of Alfalfa.

lunch; rolled oats, sweet feed, fleck of hay.

Dinner; rolled oats, BOSS, ACV, lace of alflafa.


please remember she is on lush high quality pastures 24/7.

And thats it! Please tell me what you think, would love your thoughts and comments/success stories, anything!


nutritional crazy horse mother.

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