What kinds of music do you listen to while you ride? How does music affect your ride, if at all?
I love listening to light classical music. My horse likes it too and is always very relaxed while it's on in the arena!

I prefer no music in the barn - just conversation and horses munching on hay.

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We pipe in Classical (or CBC Radio) into the arena to ride - it helps to keep me calm and centred
The radio in my barn is on country 95.3 :), love my country music. I used to play pop/rock/hip hop, but that's not good barn music lol, and the station didn't come in very well in my barn.
I listen to my country music on the radio well i ride too. I don't like listening to my ipod when I ride, it's harder to focus and hear what's going on around me. My FULL attention needs to be on my horse Bud, he spooks at the dumbest things.
my two favourite things in life are, 1- horses, and 2- music, what a combo.
Me and my horses live alone at our barn..... I long for music that I can play. I prefer country. There are lots of songs about horses. I'd love to do a routine. I have a stereo in my tackroom with a speaker that can go outside.... the tack room gets real dusty so I pretty much can't take my good cd's outside. So get this... we have this new country station, and it is so crappy... the reception is so bad, LOL... it's such an irony. I just want to listen to music, with my kitties and my horses and dogs and there is no way. My arena should be wired for sound, but comeon, we are in a recession and I don't think that is quite necessary... I see some of you have ipods and I can get one easily... we can't drive with them here so I figured it's not cool to wear with a horse either, but it sure would be fun!! and the horses can't hear it anyway.... this is definitely on my tado list.... I think it must be awesome to be able to listen and ride to music... :) Go brooks and DUNN!! I assume that music is really a motivator.
The girls in the barn who are much more modern than I am got me a tiny mp3 player and put the music from the cds to it....I love it!
My barn is really quite, so on days that I remember I bring my Ipod, and just put in on shuffle. I find it really helps me count beats and rhythm. There is a radio playing in the barn too. It is kept quiet, but I like it, that way there isnt that eeriy silence.
Due to safety issues of the horse and rider, I am personally against having music playing in a barn.

I worked at a 40 stall barn for over 3 years. We had a sound system. I would keep the music turned off and encouraged those that HAD to listen to music to bring ipods.

I can't tell you how many times I was able to hear a horse struggling from casting themselves, groaning from colic, etc. simply because the barn was quiet. It was a large barn and I could hear the horses in distress from the very end of one aisle to another only because I kept the sound system turned off.

We also had cross ties in the aisle areas besides the two wash stall areas.

I have seen riders come out with ipods stuck in their ears and not even know that a horse had broken loose from the other cross ties and was heading directly towards them. They couldn't hear the horses hoofs right behind them. Not only was the owner put in a dangerous situation but also their horse that was in the cross ties as they were grooming them and tacking them up.

I have also seen riders in an arena totally oblivious to the other riders because they had their ipods going. A rider would come towards them and yell outside/inside and the ipod rider wouldn't hear them. Or the situation where a rider came off of her horse and the horse was totally free in the arena which as ya'll well know can cause havoc in the arena with the other mounted horses.

I would just suggest that ya'll that love to listen to music when you are riding to be visually aware of other riders and not be in a fog so to speak so focused on your horse and your music that you are not aware of what is happening around you.

I am not by any means saying ALL riders that listen to ipods are like this, but many inexperienced and amatuer riders can be and so you need to even be more aware of your immediate surroundings and know that some of these riders don't even hear you as you are shouting out warnings.
My horse and I listen to country and classic rock (Bob Seger,John Mellencamp, Rod Stewart) in the barn. If I listen to music on the trails, I only use one earpiece of my I pod. I keep one ear free to listen for "boogies in the woods!!" I have discovered however, that my horse DOESN`T like Bob Marley!!! Bummer LOL


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