I am new to driving and having trouble figuring out the harness. If anyone can tell me how it goes on it would be much appreciated. The piece that goes around the rump does not attatch to the strtap that goes down the back, it just sits there until it falls off again and again.

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I shared your post on our Barnmice Facebook page, hopefully someone can provide an answer :) Best of luck in your new adventure!

Thank you!

Here are some of the replies we got:

Bridget Morse: Depending on the style of harness, it is either a collar harness like the picture shows, or a breastcoller harness. Most mini harness is breastcoller. The britchen connects to the back of the saddle, adjust the straps over the hips so it falls about 2/3 of the way down the rump, and the back strap connecting it to the saddle so everything is held in place. Leave the two straps that hook to the shafts hanging or just loop through the up tugs to keep them out of the way. Practice driving from the ground first till you both have the hang of it. Look around for a driving club or a good book to help you along the way.

For a more complete harness chart that you can print out and save: http://www.americandrivingsociety.org/New_Drivers/10%20Harness%20Ch...

Dear Celeste...referring to your question, the breeching (britchen) is held in place by hip straps that feed through a gap (between keepers) on the backstrap.  The breeching straps (also called hold back straps) then wrap and connect to the shafts on the vehicle to hold back the vehicle and prevent it from getting too near and hitting the horse.  The whole breeching works like brakes so it is very important to adjust correctly.  Refer to chart previously given from American Driving Society.  Keepers are the little leather loops that keep straps from flopping around.  Does this make sense?


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