This one breathtaking partnership! WOW!!!


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Allen, do you have an example video you can post here of what you are talking about, because I'm not seeing the same things as you.

What I'm seeing is a gorgeous, fluid, correct test on a horse whose head is slightly in front of the vertical and who is just beautifull balanced and on lovely contact.

In addition, I was surprised by your comments on Ravel. His head was a bit more on the vertical, but still he wasn't behind, and the test looked beautifully and correctly ridden to me.
Hi Allen, my mind is open, but I'm just not seeing what you're seeing. Do you have a video example of a correct ride so I can see the difference? I'm seeing a correct ride when I watch Totilas.
Thanks for the video, Allen.

I was fortunate enough to watch Reiner Klimke ride at the world Cup in LA and then again in Toronto, both times on his Russian horse whose name escapes me. He was truly a fantastic rider.

Watching Edward Gal and Totilas I see of course a different combination: spectacular, just as correct, and, to be honest, more elastic than Alerich.

Re: the stipulations below, I am familiar with them and to my eye, Totilas (and GP horses such as Anton, Pop Art and others) meet those stipulations.

I guess we'll agree to disagree on this one.
He looks slightly in front of the vertical to me. If you look even at the first still frame of the video, he is in front of the vertical.
I think where we disagree is that I see many modern day horses out there at GP who are being ridden beautifully and performing correct and lovely tests and (not to be presumptuous) you don't seem to see that.
I also witness day in and day out training being done by international dressage riders who are riding classically and correctly, so I'm perhaps a bit more positive about what is going on.
She is a fabulous rider and the partnership is stunning!


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