As posted by The Trail Rider Magazine on their Facebook Page - who is your favourite clinician? Western, English, Aussie, Training, whatever. Who is it, and why? Do you have any fond memories of clinics?

I'll start by saying that I've seen very few clinicians, but the ones that stood out to me most have been Clinton Anderson and Steffen Peters. Steffen stood out to me from the beginning as someone who really cares about his horses, and who knows what he's talking about. He was the first rider to get me interested in dressage, and I am grateful for that, as otherwise I would still be a "dressage is soooo boring!" type of person! Clinton Anderson stood out to me with his natural horsemanship methods, because he was different than the others. Unlike John Lyons, Pat and Linda Parelli, and many other Natural Horsemanship clinicians, he seems to understand the horse for the horse's reasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure to some riders, Pat & Linda or John & Josh have their reasons that ring true, but personally, these two have stood out to me most. Of the clinicians I haven't seen, I'd have to say that Monty Roberts and Julie Goodnight have to be some of my favourites. I would do anything to get to see them some day.

So, who is your favourite clinician?

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Anky is a very successful dressage rider from the Netherlands. She's recently taken up a bit of reining thanks to Monty Roberts! :) Anky is the "queen of the kur" in the dressage ring.


Julie is definitely one of my favourites as well. She's a wonderful trainer.


I plan to make my mark enough that people hear my name and go, oh yeah! She's a great horsewoman! Though personally the term "horse person" makes me cringe. I'm a cowgirl if anything. Horses are a part of my passion, but there are other aspects to what I like to do :)


Oh wow, I don't know why I haven't heard of her. Maybe because I'm definitely more western than english, though dressage does intrigue me. 


I'm definitely a full blown horsewoman, lol. I do like other things, but I'd pick a good ride over all of it any day. What else do you like to do?

Working cattle and running an honest-to-goodness farm is my intent. Crops, cows, sheep, and chickens are in my plans along side horses. It's tough work for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


You may like Wylene Wilson. She's a great trainer and very goofy/fun. A wonderful addition to the female equestrian world. I would give her a go on Youtube, if you want. :)

That sounds like the farm/barn I work at now! Along with 8 horses (5 boarders), the lady that runs it has chickens, milk goats, raises pigs every year, and has an arena sized garden. It works for her, she does a lot of co-op type stuff like bartering space for a garden for another guy in exchange for him cleaning stalls several days a week. 


I wouldn't mind having some cows or chickens at all, I plan to in fact, but I never have been a gardener. I don't know how many times I've tried to plant flowers only to forget to water for 3 weeks. 


I'll check her out, she sounds cool!

I like and dislike some techniques of most trainers. Pat Parelli is my favorite. I have seen a couple of things from him that I think could have been handled different & better but overall I admire his 'understanding' of horses and I am able to grasp his teaching in a way that has helped me and my horse. I like that his 'home schooling lessons' teach so much of the basics for a newbie and then they take a student as far as they dream of going. I have seen that different personalities are drawn to different clinicians and most benefit the horses. I'm happy there are so many good clinicians available so most everyone can find someone to help their personal situation.


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