Arturo is rising 5 and stands 16.1hh. He is a lovely grey with thick mane and tail. He was under saddle in 2010 for a few months by his owner a 79 year old gentleman, then not ridden until late February by myself. I have ridden him walk, trot and canter a few times and he is very sensible. I will post a video of me riding him soon.

He has been lunged and hacked out around my farm just outside of London, Ontario.

His owner is selling him as he is now uncomfortable riding any horses due to balance issues. Arturo was born here at my farm to a purebred Lipizzan mare Wandosa. He is sound, healthy and barefoot. He is turned out 24/7 with my 4 horses and handled daily by me. He is an easy keeper and very friendly.

I took a short video of him in the snow on behalf of the owner. Stay tuned for another video of me riding him.

It can be viewed on youtube


The owner is asking $10,000 or best offer.

You can email me or call him at 519-461-0744

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Hi Diane -

I'm looking for a low-level dressage prospect and have been looking at Andys. I really like what I see on the video - you do nice work. What more can you tell me about his personality and degree of ground and saddle training? Best and worst gaits?

I'm in Vermont, but trying to put together a group of horses to look at in Ontario and I'd like to see him.

Thanks, Joan

Hi Joan,


Arturo is submissive in the herd and responds well to body language. He has enormous curiosity, is friendly and has some energy. He is not a plug but not flighty like my Arabs. 

His owner Joe rode him only walk and trot inside, outside and around my 20 acres. The owner is 79 and didn't feel comfortable cantering him under saddle. He did lunge him all 3 gaits. 

Arturo has a tremendous walk, as you see his trot has a lot of knee action but is very smooth. I joke that you could drink a glass of wine and ride him. His canter is big and ground covering. I have never ridden him and I would love to if I had the time to put in to ground work first. I'm sure he would accept me easily as a rider since I have handled him since birth but I have 4 horses of my own which I dedicate my free time to.

I have done some ground work with him and he is a quick study. He learns easily and loves to learn new things. He never bucked or reared on his rider and was patient for old Joe to mount and dismount. 

If you were to come to see him and want to ride him I would certainly put a little time in and ride him before you came.

While riding one of my horses I took a video of him with my herd if you care to take a look.


Hope I have answered your questions. Anymore just let me know. 



Hi Diane -

I really would like to see him. That may take a few weeks and - unless you have access to an indoor -

that may not be an altogether bad thing. Sadly, I think that driving is my only option and it's about 9.5 hours. I teach, so days off are not an option until the last week of March. However, I may be able to do a weekend.

It would be great if you could bit of saddle time in before I visit. So, let me know about weather concerns. It was about 50 here today, but a strong wind is bringing in another 0F or below spell!

Thanks, Joan

Hi Joan,


I have an indoor arena. Outside may not be suitable depending on the footing. Today it is icy. I am away March 15-20th otherwise I have no plans to be away so whenever you can arrange to come would be fine with me. I live 15 minutes northeast of London, ON. 


Yesterday almost all of our snow melted it was so warm and sunny. Today we are back to howling winds and snow. Not unexpected but yesterday felt like spring. Just a teaser.


I will take Arturo out today and do some ground work in preparation for some riding. I like to play a lot on the ground with any horse, even my own, before riding. It helps me see where they are at mentally. Once I have ridden him a couple of times I'll get my husband to do another video of us.


Talk soon,




Hi Joan,

Just to give you an update. I rode Arturo yesterday for the first time ever. He was very sensible. I just did walk trot and some leg yields. I also free jumped him over barrels. I will put more work on him before you get here but he's quiet and obedient so I'm not worried. 

His trot is not bouncy at all so very easy to sit.



Hi Diane -

Wondering whether Arturo is still available.

Hope spring is headed your way!


Hi Joan,


Yes Arturo is still available. No snow left here so I can ride in the outdoor ring as well as inside but it's supposed to rain so soon it will be too wet instead of frozen. Let me know if you have any questions about Arturo or you wish to come and try him out.





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