Have you heard of the revolutionary StripHair Grooming products? Now available in Ontario and Canada!

The StripHairTM Gentle Groomer is revolutionizing the way horses are groomed.
In over 40 years of grooming horses, this is by far the BEST grooming tool I have ever had in my tack box.  It is simple, effective and so versatile.  It cleans, conditions, shines, sheds, bathes, smoothes and gently massages all at once.  It can be washed and disinfected in a minute; it is compact, flexible and durable.  Who needs brushes anymore?  StripHair and a mane brush, that is now my grooming kit at home and on the road.
StripHair is an all purpose grooming solution.  It:
  • Sheds a winter coat without ever harming the skin
  • Removes loose hair, dirt, dandruff, dander, dried mud and sweat
  • Grooms the entire body including tender areas safely and comfortably
  • Stimulates circulation for faster recovery time
  • Massages hard working muscles for a therapeutic effect
  • Distributes the skin's own natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat
  • Removes crud from cannon bones easily and comfortably
  • Lathers shampoo and slicks away water
  • Erases saddle and bridle sweat marks
  • Shines and polishes the coat before show time
  • Buffs away mud, debris and dirt safely from hoof walls 
  • Cleans saddle pads and other tack
They are hugely popular!  Get yours today!  Now shipping from Ontario.
Check out how StripHair works at removing hair and dirt on horses, it really works!

I am now a StripHair retailer in Canada

Now in stock and all orders are being shipped promptly!

Get yours today - Hurry, they are selling fast!

Check out our discounts below for multiple quantity orders.

Two secure ways to pay: Interac (email us) or PayPal (use the buttons)

Order yours here: www.lechevalaunaturel.blogspot.ca/p/striphair-gentle-groomer.html

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