I am paranoid about gates. I know I always shut the gate, but I'm never 100% sure! I make my mom drive back to my horse, just to check if the gate is closed! It always is, but I always have a feeling that it could be swinging open and my horse could be running out, running onto the road or hurting someone (kicking, I know she would)! I always close it, but I always think that I haven't. I drive my family crazy! Please help!
Desparate horse lover in need of help! Thanks
Love horses, love life!

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hiya! haha i know how u feel! i always remembered cosing the gate, but when i went to check on it again, my horses were out. so i started taking photos of the bolt every time i closed the gate(as proof that i wasn't lying about closing the gate). then one day i caught Medlar opening it, and since then we have doube bolted the gate. lol my suggestion is so take a photo every night afted you have closed the gate. sounds really stupid, but after a while you'll stop being o paranoid about it.
I have a friend who did that with stall doors.
It's responsible horse ownership to ensure that the gate is in fact closed before you leave, so here's what I would do:

When you check the gate before you leave, say out loud "closed". That will confirm it in your mind. Try just once to leave without going back, even if you are nervous. That might break the cycle.

You can also wrap your horse's lead shank around where the gate closes when you turn him out. Then you will know that he can't get out.


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