Horse Boarders - How would it feel to have access to your horse while away from the barn?

I'm curious as to how horse boarders would feel if they could have a log on access to a software that would provide a daily status of how things were going for their horse at the barn.  I know that many boarders can't always get to the barn and check on their horse everyday.  Many have full time jobs and evenings can sometimes get filled with other obligations.   Would it be a great service to be able to log in at any time day or night and find out if the farrier came that day or if fly spray was applied on a hot, humid day?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see and keep track of all the billable items that took place each month.  I know that the expense of boarding a horse can add up because the costs are often more than just the monthly board.  

What if you needed to speak to the farm owner but kept missing each other when you were at the barn and voice mails were just not the answer.  How enjoyable would it be to have access to a software that allowed you to send and receive messages, read notes about your horse's training or lessons?

How would you like to have your itemized invoices sent right to your e-mail and be able to login into the software after paying your bill and see that it was marked paid.  

I'm just curious as to whether you would find this of value to you?  Would you mind taking a minute and giving me feedback.  Thank you so very much!


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This is a great idea to me, as a boarder.

Although I live close to my horse, so I am able to get up to the barn almost every day, on the days that I am sick, or travelling, I would find it very useful.

I have a great relationship with my Barn owner, and also with some of my stable mates, so as it is, we are all pretty up on what is happening on an almost daily basis, but there are those times, when things happen and others may not notice, or are not available to check up or fill in for you.

My only concern would be if the BO's would be willing to or have the extra time to keep posts updated.

Otherwise, I like the idea!
Thanks for the reply Nora,

I appreciate what you are saying about the BO's being willing to take the extra fifteen or twenty minutes each day to keep their customers updated. This software can also be shared with other staff or trainers so it does not need to be just one person doing all the work.

It seems with all the social networking going on for businesses to build relationships, that something like this would resonate greatly with farm owners because they would be dealing directly with current clients and once word spreads perhaps others will join their farm.

I think this type of work falls in line with working 'ON' the businesses because it creates a method to build long term revenue by showing the initiative to try something new to keep their customers connected and informed.

Thanks again!


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