I found some disturbing news on the internet tonight. Apparently, there are two different sicko horse killers in the Carolinas. A horse was killed in Anderson, SC by a captive bolt device. The owner found his mare dead in the pasture and is offering a $1000 reward.

The other case is on the Outer Banks. Someone is chasing wild horses down on the beach and hitting them with a vehicle, breaking their legs and leaving them to suffer until found and put down.

Good Lord, what is happening in this world. It brought tears to my eyes.

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This is just horrifying news! Who ARE these people??
It truly sickens me to know the level of some human's sociopathic tendencies.
How do these people live with themselves after they have done things like that?...I suppose if you are lacking a conscience
that maybe it is quite easy.
Obviously very sick individuals and hopefully they will be caught...probably will be because they will brag about what a "cool" thing
they have done to one too many people.

I get a British horse publication online, and every single issue has at least one horrific horse killing or maiming and they kindly
supply pictures as well....the media there are sensationalizing these killings and it gives other sick minds out there ideas on how
they can "top" the last horse killing...sick, sick, sick :(
I agree. I was so sickened by this last night that I had a hard time sleeping. I prayed that whoever did things like this would be punished...severely.
Why would someone hit a wild horse with a vehicle? Are these maybe ranchers or landowners that object to them being there?

Truly a sick thing either way.
Fan-flippin-tastic and i'm buying a house in NC as we speak. :l Thank goodness a cop lives next door!
I think what is so disturbing is that it doesnt sound like idiot teenagers being a$$hats, but someone older who is planning these out to a tee. Sounds like they would have the capacity to do the same to people. ... yikes
Disgusting! i hope they are caught and fried.
Yeah the one where they killed someones mare is so totally calculated. Bu I find it odd that someone would go after wild herds so viciously unless thay have a grudge of some sort, like a BLM lease that the herds are grazing.
No it is not like the BLM. These wild horses have been on the outer banks since Spanish ships sank there hundreds of years ago and the locals treasure them. It is just some vicious, demented person or persons that are doing it for sport. They actually killed a stallion whose picture was on one of the tourist brochures and the local residents are outraged. Well, they broke his legs and left him to die. He was found and put out of his misery. I hope they are stepping up the patrols along the beaches and catch these perverts. Just google horse killing in the Carolinas on the internet. You can read the articles for yourself.
just read this post. god there are some sickos out there I hope they catch both the mare killer and the wildhorse yahoos and do the same to them. no let the locals get hold of the beach killing horses and leave them with them for an hour or so.
Mamas, make you sure you hug your kids plenty. We don't need any more of these d%$&*#bags. The one thing that brings solace is the knowledge that these are not happy people. They will likely never know what it is to be loved by anyone or anything. When they finally get caught, they can live out the rest of their pitiful lives in a tiny cell being periodically probed by a guy named Sally.
I guess after hearing about what some rodeo kids did to Dually in South Dakota on the 4th of July, nothing surprises me. What's being done to these wild horses is different and yet just as bad--goes to show there are plenty of sadistic creeps out there, and they're everywhere.

People (and I use that word very loosely!) disgust me, or at least many of them do.
It is impossible to understand the cruelty which humans are capable of demonstrating. I take comfort in knowing that there are more people who care than not, and I choose to associate with those who do care. This site is a wonderful way to stay in touch with like-minded horselovers.


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