My riding instructor has Ok'd me and the people in my lesson to dress up for our halloween ride, but I lack the creativity to come up with any ideas. I need a costume for a horse that does not involve painting them in any way and that I can ride in without it falling off. Anyone have any ideas? :)

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You could do with a groovy, disco theme. Get some bright fabric, you can make some stars and stuff to put on your horse. Get some afro wigs to put on your helmet and your horse. That would be cute.

You could do a finding nemo theme, dress your horse up as a turtle, maybe get a dark green blanket,the you could be dory, or nemo or any other fish.

I once did a Ann and Andy costume, I dressed up my horse as Andy, I put a red yarn wig on his bridle. and made overalls for him, from an large demin skirt i got from Walmart. Then i worn some contry blue print PJs also from Walmart, with and arpon, and a reg yarn wig, i also drew some frecklees on me.
That sounds good! Thanks! :D
though it's more on the morbid side rather than cute or funny, my friend and three of her friends dressed themselves and their horses up as the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse last year...
That's good too! :D there's about 7 people in my lesson too.. I like that idea.
My niece dressed herself and her horse in a wedding costume once. There was a lot of long white fringe around the horse, bridle reins saddle blanket, breast strap, etc. She wore a modified white wedding dress and veil.
I've seen some awesome medieval re-enactment costumes like that, but the only problem is that I'm not sure about what flapping cloth might do to the other horses. ;) keeping it in mind!~
the headless horseman.
I want to just take a photo of me on my horse with him having nothing on him... and me looking like lady godiva. I guess I would need a long long wig and some sort of a body stocking.... just for the fun of it... :) you could always dress as a warrior, or a knight, but I wouldn't want to... I like looking not too terribly scary or ugly on halloween.... one time when I just got my horse I just threw a sarape over his back and put a sombrero on his head and took pics... he is such a good sport... one time I dressed like the lone ranger.... I wore all white and had a black bandana, fako guns and holster, and of course the mask and a hat... my Toby is gray though so it kind of went. :) I love Halloween.... it's one of my favorite holidays.
I was browsing around, and I found this site.. It might help you a bit:)
That's perfect! Thanks!!
A friend of mine once dressed herself and her horse up as the "Mask of Zorro". Her mother actually made the costumes - both dressed identically as Antonio Banderas is in the movie. Cape, mask, both even wore matching hats! Her cape was decorated in rhineshtones and the horse's cape matched with a rhinestone border on his. I guess it helps when you've got a seamstress for a mother ;)
You could try and be all the characters in the wizard of oz


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