What is the funniest thing ur horse has done?
My horse tried 2 get grass from the paddock, which is basically only sand, and instead of 'digging' he used his muzzle and swished it side to side and all the sand went flying! Then he found a tuft of grass and pulled it out, but the roots were covered with sand, so he shook his head and then he saw sumthing so he froze, with the grass dangling from his mouth. I walked next to him and looked at the grass, but from the angle I was at, it looked like a beard! It was so funny AND cute!  :)

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LOL! That is hilarious! :) Hope it don't happen to me!
Ha! Ha! :)
Ha! Ha!
Today on the hack Mo pretended the trees would eat him! He galloped from the leaves above his head and jumped from the dead ones on the ground! Really naughty! :)
YUP! I sure did! :)


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