by all the amazing photos that are posted by the many Barnmice members. There are soooo many amazing pictures from everyone....some that are just stunning, some that are funny, some that are so clearly personal and full of love, some that just absolutely make my day when I see them!
To all of you who have posted your lovely photos.....THANK YOU....I have seen them, and appreciate you sharing the love of your horse, the place where you live, the company of your friends and family.....with me!
Whishing you all....many happy trails :)

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I'm glad you posted this thread Nora,
and I feel the very same!!!

I LOVE Seeing the piccies Everyone Shares!!

I feel honored and privileged when looking at the photos other members post,
Because in essence, they're allowing us a "personal glimpse" of them, and their lives.
It makes Everyone That Much More REAL!!
You somehow feel just a bit closer to that person ... they're allowing you "In"
How Precious a gift is That???
~ Barby
Awe I too Nora feel the same way, pictures sure capture the mement and it is no nice to have everyone share theirs with us!
Cheers, Everyone!
I love taking pictures.... looking at them too. :)
I love all the photos too! and I LOVE that everyone here is so friendly. Definitely a no-stress place to be!


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