Yesterday I got the following message from Chris Irwin:


Hello All,


Please take a moment to view the two attached links regarding the travesty that happened last weekend at the Festival of the Horse in England when Pat Parelli attempted to resolve a problem with the horse Catwalk, owned and ridden by British show jumping icon Robert Whitaker.  And please post on as many networking websites as possible.  For my Dutch friends, please post this on Bokt.nl.  For everyone else, please help stir this pot.  Enough is enough!!


The first link illustrates the outrage that so many people feel after witnessing the shameful event.  




The second link is to a very provocative video blog response to the sham by Canadian horseman Chris Irwin.  






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All the videos are here on Barnmice.
Parelli/Catwalk video:
Chris Irwin response: http://www.barnmice.com/video/chris-irwin-responds-to-pat
Parelli response:
Also, Chris is a member here, so if you have any questions for him, please go ahead and post them on his comment wall. :)
I do hope CHris Irwin does get to work with that horse. I loved CHris Irwins methods
What a shame anyone would treat a horse like that especially someone in the business who preaches the exact opposite. No horse responds positively to abuse.

Chris Irwin is amazing! I attended one of his clinics and wow everthing is now totally wonderful with my horse. We used to have issues with bolting etc and since the clinic my horse is a gem.

Hats off to Chris and his helpers.
That Robert Whittaker did not step in is appalling. I've lost a lot of respect for him over this.
I've just been reviewing the discussion about the whole "Parelli incident" with Catwalk. Personally, I think that apologies are due from both Chris and Pat. Parelli posted a "response" letter in which he assures all of us that Catwalk was examined by a vet the next day and was given a clean bill of health - Catwalk's body might have been perfectly sound, but what about his mind? Parelli apologized to his audience for "concern and confusion" he caused some of them - did he apologize to Catwalk?

As for Chris, his "Invitation" was, in my view, utterly unprofessional. The ongoing mutual lack of respect for each other between Chris and Pat is no secret but for Chris to have used this incident as an excuse for a public attack on Parelli was unprofessional, to put it politely. I've been to many Irwin clinics and have only the utmost respect and admiration for his method and how he treats horses (in fact, he saved my beloved but psychotic Standardbred several years back - who was unmanageable and dangerous due to the abuse he suffered on the track).

I have no doubt that Chris would have handled Catwalk differently and would have achieved the desired result without resorting to the methods Parelli used; but I think our attention on this incident is misdirected...the real tragedy is that Catwalk was ever in that position to begin with - who's fault is that? I'd suggest it's whoever handled him previously to make him the way he was - it's that person to whom all of the collective anger should be directed.

The reference in Pat's 'response letter' to those with "Anti-Parelli sentiments" was no doubt directed at Chris...
Both Chris and Pat should grow up, play nice in the sandbox and leave their personal differences out of the public forum.
well said...
I agree..
I have no doubt that Chris Irwin could have taught Catwalk and his rider Robert Whitaker a LASTING LESSON. It probabaly would have taken Chris more that a few hours, may be even several days, but he would have explaind everything he did, every move he made. Not only what he - Chris - did to the horse, but also to Mister Whitaker. Highly competitive horses need highly skilled riders.
I like how you put this very much for the most part. You may be absolutely right but
I don't take Pat's remark about "Anti-Parelli sentiments" as being directed at only Chris Irwin.
There are many anti-Parelli people out there. I am a fan of most things that Pat and Linda
do and they have helped me alot to be a better horse-person but I have seen a couple
things that I'd rather they would have handled differently. Most of the reasons I hear from people are really kinda silly IMO. For instance,"He's a bad example cause kids will try to jump their horses over picnic tables cause they saw Pat do it & he's making too much money & he got kicked out of an Expo some years back etc." If Pat can't jump picnic tables then all the jumping shows will have to be stopped cause there is risk in any of that. In our society you generally sell items for the price the market will bear. His prices are not much different then any other famous trainer. Getting kicked out of an Expo show is a very twisted tale & if anyone does some research they can find what really happened. Some people think he is too harsh with some of his techniques. I think he has done much more good then bad for horses. Some trainers claim that they have to fix many horses that have been messed up by people trying to do things the Parelli way. Many people don't do the program as it is taught and can cause problems. On the other hand many Parelli instructors could say the same in reverse. They also fix many horses that other non-Parelli trainers have damaged. I think Pat may be tired of explaining himself. I'd like to know what his thinking was with Catwalk but no matter what he said those that are against him would just continue to try to cut him down so why bother. People are either going to see what he does and like it or not like it. Let each determine for themselves. Parelli's plates are already very full with lots going on all around the world.
I personally would like to know why Pat didn't do as he teaches and "take the time it takes" rather then rushing things with this unpleasant technique but I'm not going to put all his ideas in the trash cause of this episode. I am glad that Pat didn't continue to play the matter out like Chris did with his two videos. I think Chris Irwin is a very good trainer too but his actions in this matter were disgusting to me.
Has anyone heard how Catwalk is doing now? I keep asking but no reply has been offered.
May we all learn to do the best for any horse we touch and always be open minded to good changes and ideas.
I'd like to see all these famous horse trainers do something more to help our wild horses that are being taken off our land in way too large of numbers and in very cruel ways. This is really BAD and abusive. Even that many will debate.
Keep horsen around!
Chris made a new, more positive message. Check out

too late the damage has been done by both sides...a loss of respect...too bad... the world needs more cooperation...
Watched it...sorry, but it's just more of the same...full of platitudes and not much substance. Self promotion wrapped in a "non-apology apology"...worthy of the Nixon-era "non-denial denial"....


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