Am having a problem with recurrent groin injuries (me not my horse), which make riding nearly impossible and jumping out of the question. Now that our "riding season" is here, this is totally frustrating to me. My horses need ridden and I want to ride!!! Have tried ice, heat, anti-inflammatories, heat patches, DMSO, stretching and even pain pills. It seems not riding and rest is the only answer which I cannot accept. I think I am in good physical condition. Does anyone else have this problem and is there any treatment? Lark

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I am a walking disaster when it comes to sports injuries, so I know exactly how you feel, especially when something won't get treated. Doctors couldn't tell me for two years what was wrong with my hip, and it kept me from everything, it was so painful and frustrating. I tried everything and nothing worked, and finally found a hip specialist who diagnosed it the first time I saw him. We did surgery and I'm finally on the road to recovery. I guess the lesson I learned was find the specialist early and go to them, they have the best chance of helping you.

However I'm curious, how much time have you given it to recover? Maybe simply getting with a good physical therapist and truly taking some time off and doing NOTHING (even if it's several weeks) to allow it to heal could be all you need. It's hard, horribly tedious and painful, and it sucks, but giving an injury adequate time to heal and then working hard to rehabilitate under the care of a physical therapist is crucial to coming back from muscle injuries, which is what it sounds like you have.

Good luck and hang in there, I know how frustrating it can be!
Hi Jess, sounds like you know what I mean. This was going to be the year I "maybe" could do some showing or at least make some progress and now time's a wastin. I applied ice packs for 48 hours, then took about 3 weeks off from lessons and jumping, then just had to go on trail about once a week. I then tried another lesson and could not jump, am almost back to where I was when I got injured. Am bruising and swelling just from a trail ride. You may be right that I just have to do no riding at all for a longer period of time, if I can just get that through my brain, but with 2 TBs to work, it is torture. I also have a hip problem from years of running, but that's quiescent for now. I'm saying that quietly. Thanks for your advice and concern. Lark


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