Hey lately I have been trying really hard to do lead changes on my appaloosa Jazz, but I just cannot figure out how to, my trainer explains everything but I just cant get it through my head, any tips?

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I am slowly building up to lead changes with Traviata. We started by just cantering and then trotting for a few strides before asking for the other lead and then eventually we just trotted for three steps. We're trying to minimize it to one step before asking for a flying change. Traviata has kind of figured out that she should be on the right lead so if we're doing a course and I tell her to trot then canters again with just a cluck. I few times she's actually done a flying change but she tends to buck after then so we're working on keeping the couple of trot steps. Eventually we'll get it but it's a long way off. I'll just have to keep trying.


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