I have a few left from a large litter.  Scottish Deerhound father.  Great farm dogs and wonderful companions. Agility and lure coursing too!  Mother was bred to fill a list of requests for puppies and some people changed their minds.  NALLA registered.  Black brindles with smooth, rough and broken coats.  They are coming 8 weeks old now and in FL.  But- I have some travelling North on the 18th.  

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I am interested in your puppies that you have available, the lurchers. Can you please email me about them and where you are located.
I am particularly interested in lurchers.
My name is Sandra Powell and my email address is sandrawebster@hotmail.com

thank you
I forgot to tell you I am in NJ. But transport doesn't seem to be an issue. Where are you?
Hi Tracey

I am in Canada in Kingston Ontario so quite a distance from where you are. Can you tell me about your pups. Since they are lurchers do they have greyhound in their background as well. I see that they are from Scottish deerhound decent. How many pups do you have and what age are they now?

Hope you receive my response.

Yours truly
I sent an email to your regular address. All the information is there. Grandfather is a racing Greyhound from Ireland. There are four total and they are 11 weeks.
I knew I hadn't sent myself a message! They are all gone and I miss them terribly.
Send me your regular email. My bitch's sister may be bred next year.

Do you still have rough coated Puppies left. I am looking for a male

email me at: jackieprimroselane@yahoo.com


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