I have been riding for as long as I can remember and love it. I have made some really good friends, made some great riding memories and its something which I will continue to enjoy!
Once you are hooked the riding bug never leaves you.

One of my favorite memories is being very late for a show, being the last to jump, and I won! I then went on to win the next two classes. It was mine and Candy's lucky day!

Lisa x

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This is going back a while but I remember hacking to a local show when I was about 13 or 14 and being soooooo nervous that I made myself literally SICK! We hadn't had our horse Tegan for very long and she was a rescued horse so this was all brand new for her.
I remember leaning off to the side of my horse and throwing up while my Mum was saying "you're next Sarah, off you go!!!" And you know what? I think we came in second!!
I was more excited about actually FINISHING the event than getting a rosette (although that was a great acheivement) - We still have a laugh about that. :)
What a nice memory to have! Not so nice you were sick!

I went to a show yesterday in the New Forest, it brought back so many memories of when i used to compete! There was so many gorgeous horses and ponies and the riding was fab! I will put some photos up :)


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