Michael Morrissey to be charged with horse abuse after Wellington whipping incident

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The FEI and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) have both initiated charges under their respective rules against Michael Morrissey (USA), following an incident in class 101 at the Wellington CSI 2* held on 27 February 2010. The FEI will also be investigating the role of the Ground Jury in this incident.


Given the fact that both the International and National Federations will issue charges for the same set of factual circumstances, the FEI and the USEF will coordinate their existing regulatory procedures to ensure a fair process for the rider and seek the right outcome for the equestrian community.


The following are the FEI standards on excessive use of the whip:

2.2.1 Excessive Use Of The Whip

* The whip cannot be used to vent a rider’s temper. Such use is always
* The whip is not to be used after elimination or after a horse has
jumped the last fence on a course;
* The whip is never to be used overhand, (for example a whip in the
right hand being used on the left flank). The use of a whip on a horse’s
head is always excessive use;
* A horse should never be hit more than three times for any one
incident. If a horse’s skin is broken, it is considered excessive use of
the whip.
* An Athlete identified as misusing or excessively using the whip will
be disqualified and may be fined at the discretion of the Ground Jury.

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What took them so long to charge him? The Ground Jury and the other officials present should be charged as well (for looking the other way).
Can you imagine if a rider did that in the middle of a dressage test?! The ground jury needed to put a quick end to that ride.


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