Most Embarrassing Place You Wear Your Riding Clothes

Hi Everyone,
Do you ever stop off at the grocery store or drug store on you way home from the barn, STILL in your riding clothes? How about going out for lunch after a ride?
Where is the most embarrassing place you ever wear your riding clothes?

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there was a really upmarket posh shopping centre 20 minutes from where i used to ride so people were walking around in super expensive fancy clothes with perfume and i was dragging manure in on my boots! i soon decided it was probably better going to get take out instead of going to that food court=)
Well....I'm a construction trade contractor in my "day job". I was coming back from XC training one afternoon and had to drop a bid off at a contractor's construction my tall boots & breeches. I still haven't heard the end of that.
Thanks for the great laugh, Tom! I wish you had a picture of that!!
To the swimming pool, me and my friend went to the pool after our ride and she fell in! So funny!
Love horses, love life!
I love this question!
I always have to go to the grocery store or even out to lunch with my jhods and mucky boots.
I hate the way everyone, even like old ladies stare at you and your ass. Its like " I know I'm wearing
tight pants, I know, I put them on myself"
Once I had to pick up my brother from the airport right after a lesson. That was pretty bad.
I quite like wearing them as I am proud I am a rider. Its a tough sport, it takes you ages to be good at it and besides riding clothes are sexy!
Hehehe!! I agree!!! ~._=/>
I went out to a fancy dinner with my ex bfs family and i just came from the barn i rode 2 horses and i smelled like one and i was dirty ... I also helped with chorse so i had some hay in my hair. I got weaird dirty looks from people
Ya, I often go to school with hay in my hair and on my coat!!! I just laugh when I got some odd looks!!! ~._=/>
I sometimes have to walk to my stable. To get there I have to cross two major roads and through some neighborhoods. I get some pretty odd looks when I am crossing the road in my skiin colored riding pants, knee high socks with crock on and my dirty horse hair covored jacket!!!! I just have to laugh to my self and walk on!! ~._=/>
well, i dont really feel embarresed when i go out in my riding clothes. Yes i get some funny looks but, If you wanna be a rider then you cant be embarresed to be in your riding clothes. =)

Timika F
I have been to woolworths (big shopping centre)


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