Most Embarrassing Place You Wear Your Riding Clothes

Hi Everyone,
Do you ever stop off at the grocery store or drug store on you way home from the barn, STILL in your riding clothes? How about going out for lunch after a ride?
Where is the most embarrassing place you ever wear your riding clothes?

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Most embarrassing place I wore my horse-hairy black breeches with grey horse hair on them during shedding season was probably save-on-foods.
Also went there in my work clothes (I work at a stable) I went in then afterwards realized I was not only wearing my mucky sweats and old parka but also my work gloves and tuque (it was winter) not to mention my 'moonboots' massive work boots! Good part was that there were a couple kids in there in karate uniforms- haha
well if you go into a store smelling like a horse you don't have to worry about the cashier takeing to long with your groceries
When I went to the sewing store for a zipper and tracked muck on the carpet!


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