Hello everyone.
Can someone out there help me? I'm looking for a pony for my granddaughter. The perfect pony will be on the smaller side, any colour, any breed, boy or girl, and any age. It must also be very, very safe and healthy.
In return for light work teaching my granddaughter how to ride, it will receive lots of love and great care. I'm in the Aurora/Newmarket/Uxbridge area but will travel a reasonable distance if necessary.
Oh, I almost forgot...reasonably priced.
Thank you all for putting the word out. I'm sure there must be a sadly-outgrown pony out there somewhere just waiting for a new little girl to mother him or her.

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Hi Maureen

I know of THE PERFECT pony for you. Her name is Lightning and she lives in Newmarket. Only catch is she is so good Mom will only lease her out, not sell her, as she is waiting for her toddler to grow into her.

Anyway the owner, Cheryl Clewes is SO NICE. Check out her website and click on the link for "Lightning"

Here is the link; http://www.eliteequinecanada.com

Please tell her I said hello - I wanted to Lease Lightning but she was too far for us.

Good luck!
Robin Black
Hello Robin,
Thank you for responding. I don't think I'm interested in leasing at this time. However, I will check out the website and say hello for you. Maybe she has other contacts too. You never know where paths take us!
Hi Robin
Just wanted to let you know that I'm still trying to find a pony. Arghhh!!! I had no idea it would be so difficult. It could be that they are all being used in summer camps etc. Anyway, in July I wasn't interested in leasing but now I'm considering it and I gave Cheryl a call. She hasn't responded yet but here's hoping.
Thanks again.
My son's first pony was a "freebie" from friends within in the horse community. He was 4, she was in the 30+ range, about 13 h, POA, vanilla with caramel spots and really BIG hair. Her little girl had outgrown her and she needed to go to a less demanding home. Miss Kitty was the best horse ever. She was a leadline pony until he developed enough skill to be on his own. She never went faster than what he wanted - the transition to trot happened when he started posting, she just kept the rhythm. When he wanted to canter, he just lightened his seat & she cantered. She jumped little stuff as long as he was still in balance, if not she usually just slithered to a halt in front of the jump. We went on trail rides together. He still loves horses, but has moved on to team sports. Miss Kitty kept my 17hh gelding in his place, even after she'd gone mostly blind. She never let on he was her seeing-eye horse.

You don't say how old your granddaughter is, but it is MOST important to get a pony that fits her NOW, not something to "grow into". Which means that depending on her motivation and natural abilities, she may outgrow the pony in a year or 2. You should look into leasing, go to some riding schools and see if they have a pony who needs to retire from the school string. That might be a perfect "first" pony.
I loved reading your story. I agree that we don't want a pony for her to grow into but rather a pony on which she can learn the basics of horse-care and riding safely. Most of the ponies that I've come across so far have been too young/green and although I ride myself, I'm a bit toooo... big to ride/train a pony.
Thank you for your advice on looking at retirees from schools. You're right...that would be a perfect first pony. Light work and lots of love sounds like a lovely retirement to me. *ha!ha!.
Thanks again Riley.
I could be able to help you Maureen. I was worried you could be out in BC or New Zealand or some such thing but you are living in the same area as I do. I live between Uxbridge and Port Perry. I have a horse but even better have a friend in Sunderland who has about 12 ponies she uses for parties and fairs etc. Some drive and some ride. She also has a ton of connections with places to find them and does all her own training. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you her name and phone #. She belongs to the OEF and the BIA in Port Perry so she has got to be safe and reliable as well. Cheers! Gail Morse.
Hello Gail,
I was excited to read your message. Finally, someone that might be able to help. I'm not having much luck so far. Most of the ponies I'm hearing about are too young with little rider training. My granddaughter is 5 years old, and really just beginning her riding journey. So I need a pony that I can trust an on which she can gain her confidence. I ride and own my own horse but I'm too big to be riding/training a wee pony.
The pony will have an excellent home in Uxbridge where it will be cherished. I you could kindly send me the person's phone # or me-mail address, I would love to give her a call.
Thank you so much for responding.
The connection between you and Gail could be so great!! Woohoo.....
Hi Maureen: The lady who might be able to help you has all 12 of hers at the Tweed Fair this weekend with the carousel and all. She would be able to be found I would think this coming Monday or Tuesday. Her name is Barb Weatherall and her phone # is 705-357-3894. None of hers are for sale in the summer when they are working but in the fall they can be. She also has a lot of contacts so I told her about you and she will expect your call. Let me know how it all goes. Whatever you find, if you find it through her, will have excellent ground manners and she insists on that. She is located just south of Sunderland off Simcoe Street. Gail Morse.
Hello Gail,
Thank you very much. I will be in touch with her. Wish me luck!
Hello Gail,
It's me again. Well, we had a pony in the barn on trial but it's not working out as it has really bad heaves. I've phoned Barb and left a message. Hopefully she might have something or someone in mind.
Thank you for the contact.
I begin my search again.....argh!
Maureen, that just sucks. Did the people you got the pony on trial from warn you ahead of time? I hope so. It is always better to be honest and straightup about any horse you are buying or selling. Karma is a bi***.


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