So some times when I click on the Forums icons it brings me to this the forum area I'm used to seeing. Other times it brings me to this new one that is white and blue. Are they switching the forum to a new area and layout?

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Hi Emily,

To add to the excellent reply below, we have now changed the link so that when you click on "Forums" in our top tab, you will be taken to our sister site, Barnmice Forums, which is dedicated exclusively to discussions. For now, you will need to join separately (it's very quick).

All the latest forum discussions now appear on our home page and you can click on them and go back and forth, just as you click on any other Barnmice content.

We are leaving our original Discussions section on our home page and over time we will move most discussion topics to the forums.

We have made this addition to our community to give our members a place exclusively for chatting. With so many interesting members and lots of great subjects to talk about, the new forums will make specific topics much easier to find.
Thanks for telling me! It just confused me with the link changing between the two forums. Actually I've been going through the sister site and it's nice!
Thanks Emily!
We've just announced it among our members and will be spreading the word more and more over the next weeks and months. :)


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