As of Aug 1st, I will be 66. I live in Indiana, still work and do lots of trail riding. I have a 12 year old Foundation Quarter horse mare. I got back into horses at 59 and got my mare. I am just having a ball. I grew up with horses, got divorced in my twenties and then remarried four years later. Moved into town and had to give up my gelding. I thought it would be for just a short time, but it was 32 years later before I got to get back into riding. I have met many great ladies who still ride and we go lots of places. We haul our own horses, camp, ride and have lots of fun.

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Not me and a bedroll, give me my horse trailer anytime. We are going to a place called Kaylee's Stable in southern Indiana and it has lots of trails to ride on.
Oh, my goodness, I saw the reining where the horse was the motorcycle. That was fantastic!!!
hi sue, how was your 3 day outing with the horses..looks like winter is quickly approaching, the frost was on the pumpkin this morning...I have been riding more. at the trot..she is a bumpy ride, so I'm using a thick foam pad for her AND me..she lets me know she has had enough of my inexperience by turning her head and trying to bite my toe, so I have her go around one more time then quit so she won't hate me! haha joy
We have a great time at Kaylee Stables. The ladies all want to go back next year. Last weekend we went to Midwest Trail Rides annual Halloween Ride. The weather was a little cool. Brenna had some ice around the water in her bucket Saturday morning. She wore her blanket in her stall at night so she was nice and warm. They had a great haunted house. It was in a barn and they took you there in a wagon pulled by two huge horses. Lots of people decorated their horse trailers and there was a contest for the best one. They also have a contest for the best costumes for different ages. We got back in time to see them judge the costumes. A lot of neat ideas. Too much work for me.
I take my mother with me each year for the Halloween ride. She enjoys the weekend away and likes to see the different decorations and costumes. Midwest's scheduled rides includes your meals and that is always nice. I don't have to worry about what to fix and less stuff for me to have to load in the trailer.
The horses were all great on the trail. Although Sunday, Brenna was pretty sure this squirrel that scampered in the leaves beside the trail, might eat her. She did one of her quick stops as we were coming down a hill. The three days were a wonderful end to my camping this year. I will do some day rides but probably won't be camping until next spring. I try to ride Brenna a couple of times a month at least during the winter. Jerry will winterize my trailer soon.
wow this sounds soo GREAT! goodness you are so spoiled, not having to cook either,,just concentrating on having a good time..dont know if they have anything like that in next spring I hope to be riding on the t r a i l, I have to walk trot and cantor around the arena 5 times without stopping. before she will take me on the trails with my horse..another problem I have is I'm getting better on the speed of the trot, but steering isn't perfected yet, I don't quite get the hang of it, getting her head to follow the rail while I'm bouncing all over the place and concentrating on heels down, toes out, giving her the cue with my foot to turn, guiding her head, I aye aye. Dan my husband said "are you sure you just don't want to ride a bike?" He doesn't understand the feeling...
Just let your husband know that bikes can throw you too. I broke my wrist getting on my bike after work in July. It is kind of embarrassing to say that I broke it that way. I know they have great trail places in Mich. I love having my trailer and being able to camp in it. And I am sure by spring you will be out on the trails.
WOW, now that is something,,I was wondering at 63 how long I should be riding, our bones get brittle, we are more afraid of falling, well I am, but this sure makes me think I have a way to go before I put up the 'ol is she doing?
I have every hope of still riding at 81. Not sure I will be able to ride my mare at that age but I sure hope so. She is 12 and I am hoping for many more years with her. I think that is just wonderful that she is still taking lessons and riding. Give her a thumbs up for me.
I bought myself a coming 3 year old Morgan for my 60th birthday. He is now 14 and we have been eventing for the last 4 years, after my trainer saw to it that he had his "packer's license". I had not evented for 15 years and had forgotten what fun it is to gallop and jump cross country on a trustworthy horse. i hope we have many more years together.
That sounds like lots of fun and its great that you get to do the thing you love. I love it when I can let Brenna open up and fly. We do lots of trail riding and certain places where we ride there are hills she loves to run up. I don't let her run up every hill, but the ones she really likes I turn her loose. What a rush! Every once in a while, if we are someplace flat, I will also let her go. I have had her almost 6 years and it has been a joy getting back into horses. I board her but she is only 2 1/2 miles from me and I help take care of her and the barn owner's horses. I love my time at the barn. I am hoping she and I will have many more years together. I broke my wrist in July and didn't get to ride for 9 weeks. But in Sept I started back riding and had friends help me saddle her. I could do most everything else but couldn't lift my saddle up. We sure had a great fall and lots of good riding. I have a friend who just turned 70 this fall and she can out ride anyone I know. This gal likes really long rides which is fine with me. When I got back into horses, I never dreamed I would get to do all I have with her. We have ridden in 3 other states and done the Pegasus Parade in Kentucky three times. Aren't we horse women lucky?
I live in Western Washington State and we have thousands and thousands of miles of fabulous trails to ride. In these photos, I'm riding my young Half-Arabian & Half Q.H. Palomino gelding. He has had a lot of "wet saddle blankets" and does well on the trails. Next spring & summer I plan to train him to drive.
We have several members in our club who have mini's that they have trained to drive. Another lady that boards at the same barn as I do, had her mare trained to drive by the Amish. She is in a wheel chair due to having Polio as a child and having it cause problems as she got older. She and her husband go out for hours and just love it. Nothing seems to bother her mare and they take her everywhere.
Love the pictures. People will ask me what my favorite trail is and I tell them whatever trail I am on at the time. I just love to ride her where ever. She has come so far from that scared horse when I first got her. Not much bothers her now.
I really enjoy driving horses! Attached are three photos, two show me training RED VIXEN to drive in the summer of 2008 and one photos is of me showing JAMAL DEBBANI driving in a horse show. JAMAL DEBBANI is the "Great Granddam" of RED VIXEN. RED VIXEN died in 2010 at age 24. (Lots of driving horses in between these two lovely mares.)


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