me and my horse r going to a fair and there is the 2 hunter division and the classes r
over fencess
Over Fences Stake
Under Saddle Over

i know what over fencess is but i'm not really sure what the others r. can someone please tell me what over fences stake and under saddle over is?

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I am pretty sure that the Over Fences Stake class with where money goes to the winner. I am not to sure about the Under Salle Over though... Could that 'Over' part be an age? or something?
Over fences- general hunter class prize money is the same for these two classes (usually 2 over fences)
Over Fences Stake - May include a bending line or roll back, something more "fancy" or it may be just the same as the other two but with prize money a bit more per placing than the regular over fences class.

Under saddle is a "hack" class showing your horses temperament, movement, and over all attitude to being flatted around. .
k thanks, i show jumper and i had to show a horse in the hunter class for someone, but i dont know much about it :P :)


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