I have just started floating my rising 2 year old, she came to me in a float with another horse 1 year ago & now she is ready to go out but she paws.

I have floated her around the arena a few times & she doesnt kick but paws. My friend said that when her goes on the open road she wont paw but Im abit frightened & she is meant to go to be trained in a few weeks & I would rather her be on her own or should I be travelling her with another horse? Humm. She is not frightened by the float & self loads or is it because I have an Ifor Williams & unload her at the front, she stands in the float with no bars up. I have left her in there for 10+ mins & she paws stops for a few sec's then off pawing again. HELP!!!!!!!

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Horses generally don't paw when the trailer is moving, as they are busy balancing. I have yet to find a solution and will be very interested in other people's ideas.
Yes, I have had food in there & she is abit more quieter while the float isnt moving & when you check on her she at it again & eating! I was going to give her a sedative paste. My friend said she needs more floating with another horse but dont wont her in the habit of floating with another horse.
Yea, I will probably float her with my old girl & when backed she on her own. Lol.
i have a young horse (now 4) and i have trailered her by herself since she was 2, self loading etc like your horse. i have been riding her for the past year and trailering her about once a week, so she goes out fairly freqently. if i have to stop long in traffic, or at lights etc she also will paw if by herself. she stops once i start driving again. i ve never worried about her, as it isn't a constant thing and i think as i trailer her more and she gets more and more experienced she will be fine.
Thanks for your reply, does she paw bad. My filly rocks the float but it was worst the first time around arena the next time she wasnt rocking the float as much but really flang one leg out to paw. Dont think she is kicking as her two back feet are planted wide apart & she is hard on the back bar.
no mine doesn't rock the float. i once had another young horse and i paid a man to come and give me his experience with training to float- my horse was really bad at loading. after he loaded the horse, he told me next time to just drive off. i asked what to do if the horse misbehaved. he told me to speed up, hit the brakes ( not real hard), and this would get the horse to focus on his balance and just stand there. i haven't really had to do that , with that horse or any other, but i do give the truck a burst of gas and ease off, if i think the horse is not standing well. this current young horse does move around from time to time, and it always means she has to pee.. silly girl.


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