I have a 17 year old quarter horse mare and I was at a dressage lesson the other day when the instructor recommended I give my horse some pentosan - she is very stiff in her lateral movements and her canter. However, I have never heard of the drug before, so is there anyone out there who knows who often it has to be injected, or much it costs?? Any info would be much appreciated!

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I did some reading on this and I only come up with one trial in Australia on race horses that concluded they still showed signs of OA.  You'll want to talk to your vet.  I think there may be other options that might give better results.  Personally I use Adequan prophylactically once a month (after a once a week for 4 week loading), but, I won't lie, it can be expensive (but you can get it from RRVP at $45 a dose if you are in the US).  Or if pain management is the goal, there's an anti inflammatory called Previcox (firocoxib).  it's not cheap either.  Talk to your vet.

While I was searching the internet for any information I found some success stories for this drug-these people had also tried the Adequan and they said the Pentosan was just so much better. The dressage lady who was instructing me said it made the world of difference to her older dressage horse who was rather stiff. The only reason I would like to try this drug is because my horse is rather stiff, and also her canter is very unbalanced-when we are jumping and she is in a more forward canter she can't canter on the right lead, so she changes her leading leg, therefore going to the outside leg and making herself more unbalanced-sometimes she ends up half cantering and half trotting. Thanks for the advice, I will talk to the closest vet to see if he has any advice for me.


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