Hi All, would appreciate input on boots for my Thoroughbred mare who has very thin-soled hoofs and every summer gets lame from moisture even though we have had very little rain this year. She is sometimes lame for months. She's on a supplement and I am treating the soles to toughen them up already. I am comparing the available boots: Easyboot, of which there are several varieties, Old Macs, Boas, etc. If anyone uses these and knows the pros and cons, would like your advice. Lark

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TB, but he's strutting for an Arab!
you girls work so hard with the moisture problems... wow, I just read a bunch of foot talk here... It is so hot and dry in L.A. we have no moisture problems. I put moisture on my horses feet. :) conditioner.

take care and thanks for the ideas. I've only used Boots once and the wire on the front stretched out and I couldn't use it again... and, it was expensive. I hope to never need it again.... my horses do wear shoes.. :) we have alot of rocks here and they go up and down hills. Their feet look good.... :) Oliver, my mustang doesn't have them on the back feet.

happy frogs to you all... Jen...
Hey Jen, hope your farriers out there in L.A. are reasonable. They are quite independent here!! Yes those boots are darn expensive but hopefully will solve my mare's problems next rainy season. Went on a 3 hour ride yesterday with friends in the swamp, though trails not so wet this year. We see wild hogs, gators, deer, eagles, fox, coyote and occasionally sneaky snakes, but it is beautiful! Happy trails. Lark
I've used Boa boots for years on my TBxQH. I have done everythiing in them from hacking to dressage to jumping to flat out galloping, and in all kinds of footing including grass, gravel, roads, rocks, snow, mud, water, etc. They work really well for him. He does have a scar on the back of a pastern (from hanging his foot in a wire fence) that gets rubbed sometimes by boot use, but with the gaiters it's usually fine.

Problems include the tread getting packed with mud too easily so I'm careful in the slick mud. Deeper mud isn't usually a problem. The other one thing I had a problem with was that the lace channel managed to pick up a bit of grit and when I put new laces in they wore on that grit and broke far sooner than the original laces. However - the Boa boot is the only one I've seen that can be tied on with baler twine and I did use baler twine for months on my first pair of Boas before they wore out. The third problem I encountered was that they don't work on my boy's hind feet (I boot all four for extended road rides) and he cantered out of them a number of times.

I now also have a pair of Cavallo Simple boots (bought for his hind feet - they stay on!) that I have used a fair bit. I like the tread pattern much better than the Boas for my environment and weather. I think the Boas are designed for drier, sandier areas. I did use the Simple boots for turnout for a couple of weeks to allow a sole bruise to heal. The daily use (10-12 hours) for two weeks caused some pressure sores on his heels and interupted the hoof growth at his heels. Boots are not really intended for long term use like that, but it did let the bruise heal. Had the boots been a less snug fit I don't think the pressure sores would have occured. But the snug fit is ideal for riding and that is what I wanted boots for.

A friend uses the Simple boots on his horse too and is working on his wearing out his third pair. He tried Boas and Easyboot Bares before trying Simple boots.

Our only issue with the Simple Boots is the method used to secure the long straps. The old style was a vertical velcro mini strap. My friend found they came undone and collected dirt and grass and were then even less likely to stay closed. I installed a dot snap over the velcro on his boots and he's super happy with them now.

He did inform Cavallo of the improvement, but they had a "better" idea and provide plastic keepers to slip the ends of the big straps through. I have yet to figure out exactly how one is supposed to SLIDE hook velcro over loop velcro through a very tight keeper! So I made my own mini vertical straps with dot snaps for my pair and am now quite happy with them too. ;)

Oh - Simple boots have better drain holes than Boas.
Thanks for your extensive expertise here. Sounds like the only way I'll really know what works for me is experimenting. Some sizing charts say if you don't find your horse's measurements on their charts, then then may not have a good fit. I have yet to find her exact size on any chart, but if they don't fit her, then they may fit another horse here. Her hooves seem to have toughened up with Durasol and am going to try iodine. Farrier comes tomorrow so I'm anxious to see if that did any good. Lark
Hi, any chance you could post a photo of your Simple Boots with your dot snap addition?
Sounds like a great idea. We like our Simple Boots a lot, they provide good traction going downhill on pavement, and protection from rocks and drain well as you mentioned, but I admit I've never managed to get the strap into the keeper. So far they've stayed on well, but now the muddy season is coming.
Dawn, it was 4XChestnut who was offering me advice on boots. You should maybe address this question to her/him and perhaps that person can give you more info and a pic. Lark
hi Lark
I replied under 4xChestnut but when it printed, it showed up under your comments, so I suppose I must read some instructions somewhere to figure out how to position comments. But it's been sunny the last few days and computers are a rainy day project for me. Maybe 4xChestnut will notice my other message? Thanks for your reply! Dawn
I don't have any suggestions but I do also have a mare with thin, tender soles. I'm considering boots for her during the fall because of when the ground freezes, it picks at her. During the summer we have to avoid gravel and walk on the pavement which I hate doing because it can be dangerous, or we follow the bike trails to the beach, which is somewhat longer.
Hi, am wondering where it freezes and you have trails to the beach.

I guess different boots for different terrains. I have found the Durasol helped a lot and just got Iodine to try. My jumping instructor thinks formaldehyde is best, but did not know where I would get it.

Very interested in this discussion as going through similar problems with my horse here in sunny Scotland.
Rocky's feet just dont grow and then they break up- I am currently using the Marquis boots which are the ones that you pump air into so you get a really snug fit and they dont rub at all. I am waiting on delivery of new hoof wings. (these were ordered first but as they take a while to be made I hired the Marquis ones in the meantime). Does any one have any experience of either of these boots please?

The Marquis boots are good but they are a faff to put on and I keep losing the valves which is a pain. Have high hopes of the Hoof wings though, they look good..
Janet (on behoof of Rocky)
Hi Janet, I'm sure someone will give you some advice. Must be great riding in Scottland!! I have a red-headed friend from there who lives here now. Give my best to Rocky. Lark


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