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the AQHA has just released a new panel test for all genetic diseases found in QH: 
I have sadly just put down a filly last week purchased at the legacy sale in 2010 with PSSM. Her name was Revolution Dunit. I am extremely upset and needless to say hurt as my filly was in pain because the breeders (perhaps out of no fault of their own) breed 2 horses which gave a horse who was a carrier of PSSM. We have right now, the tools to make sure we do not RISK even passing these genes on... And why even play russia roulette??? 
That I got the bad end of the stick because people want to make money... I cried for nights on end because it was about the money... I held my horse as she was put down... Why why why? Because humans want those famous horses as you mention below at the expense of the health of the horse. I cannot wrap my head around it at this point. Anyways... i hope everyone can do their part and not breed horses with issues!!!

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