Questions About Tracking down My Horse's Registration Info-Don't Know his registered Name

Hey all! This may be a bit farfetched, but I have recently purchased a Tobiano Quarab, whos previous owner has lost all his registration information and cant remember the registered name. Seems sketchy I know-but I do trust when they say he was registered with someone at one time, they are a good friend of mine. I do know where he was born (what state) but not the breeders name, and what the owners name on the current registration is. Now I have looked alot online into this, I do understand that it isnt a "real" breed, I just want to find out some information about him, and I REALLY want to know his name!  I am wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with Quarab registries, and tracking down missing registration given little information. The United Quarab Registry to my understanding, had been taken over by the International Quarab Registry, BUT thier website does not work o_O Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly apreciated :)

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Hi Stina!

Is there any way you can find out who his previous owners were before the folks you bought him from? If they have good records, they should have a bill of sale from when they purchased him. That's my first instinct, as I don't know how else to go about searching for an otherwise unknown/mysterious horse. 

Best of luck!

There is no Quarab registry.  There is a registry for paint/pintos and the Arab registry also covers half arabs.  Never buy a horse without the registration papers.  Numerous people get sucked into buying a"registered" horse only to find out the horse isn't registered.

That is what I figured...Thank you :) I know there was a International Quarab Registry or something like that at one time, but know I know it has been shut down. I bought him as grade knowing full well that I may not be able to find the info about him. It is ok, he is still a fantastic horse, I dont actually care if if he is registered under me or not,  he is a cross bred horse so it doesnt matter anyway but its just getting the better of my curiosity as to where he really came from because he is a pretty phenominal horse :)


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