Rider Fitness and Health Contest! Win a $500 Fitness and Health Makeover!

We’re giving away two $500 Fitness and Health Makeovers in the next two weeks!


What do you do to stay fit when you’re not riding? Do you have great exercise or nutrition tips? What are your fitness goals?


Post your fitness tips, goals, challenges and ideas below and you’ll automatically be entered in our draw to win a fabulous fitness package!


A $250 shopping spree at the new Omega Alpha Store, where you’ll be able to choose from the incredible world-class supplements for yourself, your horses and even your pets! Click here to check out the new store. Good luck to the winners - it will be hard to choose from so many great products!


A $125 personalized exercise plan created for you by Claire Moscone-Biafore, Osteopath and Certified Athletic Therapist. Claire works with members of Canada’s Olympic gold medal women’s hockey team and we are thrilled that she is offering her time to help our two winners.


A $125 personalized nutrition plan created for you by Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D. Patti is the founder and owner of Naturally Unbridled, a holistic life and wellness coaching company specializing in equestrian women.

Patti holds a Ph.D. in Natural Health & Wellness, a master’s degree in Biology and two undergraduate degrees in Animal Science. She also holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. A million thanks to Patti for providing your insights for our winners!

We’ll be doing our first draw on June 23, and the second on June 30.


We’ll be drawing from all the posts, so if you have lots of tips or fitness ideas to share, post as many times as you like. All of your posts will be included in our draws!


Good luck to all!!


*A quick thanks to Elizabeth Levitt, who intended to participate, but is unable to do so.






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If you're not riding at the moment, then swim, swim swim! Today, I had my first swim for the season. It was heavenly! Great exercise for the entire body.
My exercise ball!  I sit on it to watch TV or work on the computer as well as to do exercises.  Helps with balance and muscle tone.

To be honest with you, I keep on doing what I usually do.  Mow, plant flowers, work my veg garden,weed work with the horses, look after the chickens, etc, etc.  The idea is to keep busy.  I only eat when I'm hungry and snacks are usually healthly ones. (Hopefully fresh vegs from the garden). As for my goals-just to live each day like there isn't a tomorrow.  What I mean is keep busy, keep a good attitude and keep moving.  You don't necessary need to do a specfic exercise to keep fit.

When I am at the barn I tend not to eat and hen when I get home I eat a huge dinner...not good. So to make shire I eat I pack lots of snacks that I can share with the horses!'carrots,apples and lots of other snacks.AND WATER !!
I do something called the Insanity Workout, which is aptly named, because it is INSANE! It's a DVD with a different workout every day. I'm exhausted by the end of each session, but it sure does keep you fit!
KISS---keep it simple stupid!  I walk 90% of the day (instead of jumping on the tractor), I keep repeating to myself that "this is good for me".  If I keep a food journal, I tend to eat correctly/clean instead of eating whatever/whenever.  I remind myself that I monitor and control what my horses eat for their health so I should do the same for myself. Not easy because it requires hard discipline and I am an emotional eater and have to really catch myself in stressful times.  Pilates also helps me relax and has improved my balance tremendously.

Meal portion size is an important factor when trying to maintain a healthy diet. Eating three (smaller portion) well-balanced meals a day, with healthy (small) snacks, not only helps to lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight), it also increases metabolism, giving more energy to work with your horses.

Some people have success with this by using smaller cups, dishes, and utencils when they eat.

  I start my day with a good Whey protein shake then I head to the pool or if Im lucky the lake for a good swim for a vigouros aerobic workout for an hour or so; then I hop in my FIR Sauna Hot House to complete my daily jump start! Juice up a fennel, ginger, carrot and apple drink to replenish my body before I;m off to the barn to see my steeds. I keep my meals lean and simple with lots of greens! Snack lightly through out the day a good hearty lunch. Then for dinner it's normally fish or chicken with a fresh salad; I always try to eat asparagus to cleasne my body.

Oh, I should also add that in addition to the exercise, I stopped eating unhealthy snacks, and I STOPPED eating while watching tv!
Walking is a big one for me. Especially in gorgeous summer weather. Not being 21 any more, it keeps me moving, without straining anything. Oh, and wearing a pedometer is a great way to see how far you walk every day!
Regarding supplements, the most important one I take is 1,000 mg Vitamin D daily. My wife takes 2,000, as it has been found to help with bone density.


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