Rider Fitness and Health Contest! Win a $500 Fitness and Health Makeover!

We’re giving away two $500 Fitness and Health Makeovers in the next two weeks!


What do you do to stay fit when you’re not riding? Do you have great exercise or nutrition tips? What are your fitness goals?


Post your fitness tips, goals, challenges and ideas below and you’ll automatically be entered in our draw to win a fabulous fitness package!


A $250 shopping spree at the new Omega Alpha Store, where you’ll be able to choose from the incredible world-class supplements for yourself, your horses and even your pets! Click here to check out the new store. Good luck to the winners - it will be hard to choose from so many great products!


A $125 personalized exercise plan created for you by Claire Moscone-Biafore, Osteopath and Certified Athletic Therapist. Claire works with members of Canada’s Olympic gold medal women’s hockey team and we are thrilled that she is offering her time to help our two winners.


A $125 personalized nutrition plan created for you by Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D. Patti is the founder and owner of Naturally Unbridled, a holistic life and wellness coaching company specializing in equestrian women.

Patti holds a Ph.D. in Natural Health & Wellness, a master’s degree in Biology and two undergraduate degrees in Animal Science. She also holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. A million thanks to Patti for providing your insights for our winners!

We’ll be doing our first draw on June 23, and the second on June 30.


We’ll be drawing from all the posts, so if you have lots of tips or fitness ideas to share, post as many times as you like. All of your posts will be included in our draws!


Good luck to all!!


*A quick thanks to Elizabeth Levitt, who intended to participate, but is unable to do so.






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I have been using relaxation tapes that focus on portion control, avoiding fat and "sickenly sweet foods" (as he says).  And getting daily exercise. They are easy to access on i-tunes and download onto my phone and/or i-pod.  Very, very, helpful.  15 lbs. worth of helpful so far.



I'm in the position of needing to lose nearly 100lbs still, since I have an 11 month old gelding that I do want to ride when he's 4!  So, I ride my big mare 5 times a week to improve my riding, but it's just not enough when you have the metabolism of your average blue whale! 


At our barn, we have a student who is also a Pilates instructor, so we do that once a week.  Now, my trainer is WELL aware of my situation, and has had her add a cardio portion to our sessions.  So, on Tuesday, it was walk a mile (no strolling, alas).  Oh yeah, and EVERY time I'm at the barn, I have to do that.  And since I didn't manage to ride yesterday that was a mile and a half.... 


I think the key to any program is sticking to it.  I'm very lucky to have a really supportive bunch at the barn who help me keep motivated (well, so does little Havoc, he's so darned cute!).

after under-going chemotherapy and radiation treatment last year I was forced to really think about the food going into me and my own health. I started eating more whole foods - the kind you can find at your local farmers markets - and avoiding the over processed things. When I can't make it to the market to both support my local farmers AND get great value for my dollar, I shop at the grocery store. Most people will go up and down the isles first. I, on the other hand, go around the perimeter of the store as that tends to be where the whole, fresh foods are. I keep a list of the things I need from the aisles, and do my browsing/impulse buying from the perimeter of the store.
I try to eat my fibre in the morning to kick-start my metabolism and keep me full longer. I do my best to avoid sugars, but can't go without my coffee!!
My exercise is simple and it works. Walking my dog twice a day and riding tend to keep me fit. My job is very physical and involves a lot of running around, so now that I am back to work, I am hoping to shed the 15lbs I GAINED (yes, I GAINED weight during treatment! I think it is from the steroids they give you). My goal is to be back to my normal weight by the end of the summer. I'd also love to get more core/back strengthening in as I tend to have a weak lower back.
You are doing GREAT things!  Keep up the good work!

Wow, I am learning a lot from these tips and ideas. Thank you all for sharing them!

If anyone has a moment, please "Like" Omega Alpha Equine's" Facebook page. It's a little way of saying "thanks" for this super sponsorship!!


Thanks so much and I look forward to learning more from everyone!


 - Barbara

I attend an NCAA Division 1 school in the U.S. Two 6 a.m. team workouts per week with a trainer that shows no mercy and riding 4 - 5 times per week.  Add on refereeing co-ed volleyball in the evenings and staying in shape is not a problem.

It's a different story during the off season - which for me is right now.  I'm not competing this summer but I am grooming daily at a great "A" circuit barn and get to exercise some of the clients horses at the end of the day.  That keeps me fit but doesn't give me the edge that I would like.

I have a kettle bell that I use to build strength, jog around the property once or twice a week and do an intense abs and butt workout every other day.

Even with all this I still feel like I am missing something.  I would love to go back to school in the fall and really impress not only my equestrian coach but also the team trainer with how much I had improved my core muscles and overall fitness.

A great tip for eating healthfully is to avoid the juice and go for the fruit instead. If you are thirsty, go for water, and lots of it.

Also, if you are watching your weight, don't punish yourself by never having treats. Everything is about moderation. You can have a cookie, but you don't need three cookies.

To keep my core and my body in tune I use the Balimo system (Eckhart Meyners) awesome! Great lean wholesome small meals; frequently. LOTS of water! And a positive attitude...

To stay fit after riding season I go to the gym twice a week and ride the bike for 45mins either hill climb or the timed workout , then go and do a weight circuit for 25mins. Two days a week I run a flat 2 mile course and the other 2 days run an undulating 5 mile course. Every day I do my stretches and sit ups and push ups.

Seems to work! 

I am overweight, out of shape, and definitely could use some fitness help.

When I was home full time, I mucked stalls, hauled water, brushed horses, and generally stayed in shape but NOW I work full time and seem to spend more time sitting and thinking about riding then actually taking the time to stay in shape.

It seems impossible to ride when you realize you are *this* out of shape, plus I don't have the energy I did when I was busy.

Keeping active is the key, but what happens when the "door" is an office job?

I like to practice pilates and yoga to keep my core strong. When riding, I find that my posture is better, my shoulders are back and relaxed and my hips are able to move more freely due to this. I also find that, like riding, pilates and yoga are great stress relievers and make me feel more in touch with myself and my body. I recommend both to all of my riding friends!
I also enjoy going on runs and attending spin classes to maintain my cardiovascular endurance. Running is a great way to clear your mind and nothing breaks a sweat like a spin class!


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