What is the best close contact or jumping saddle brand?

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We got a Passier but had to get it restuffed because it did not fit our horse.

I love the CWDs, my cousin has one and she loves it too.

The best one is one that fits both horse and rider!  There is no one brand that can claim this.Many saddles today have been downsized especially the part that distributes the weight on the horse's back.  Greater area=less pressure and more comfort for the horse especially when jumping.


It's like car shopping some just love their cheap used car while someone else needs a big money brand new luxury one.

As long as it fit your horse & doesn't hinder the rider's position it's a good one for you.

Granted you do need to do a little research or elicit a knowledgeable friend to know if it fits horse/rider.

I love my jumping saddle that i got for $10 it's a blue ridge I love it.

Hi Evelyn

I have an old Passier that I need to have restuffed.  I see you are in Alberta, so I won't asked you where you had this work done. :) because I'm in Aurora Ontario.  If anyone knows a saddler who will reatuff a saddle,I would appreciate the information. Thanks,Lynn


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