Do you have fabulous photos of your horse - or you and your horse?


We want to use them for a secret project we have coming up in March!


We are specifically looking for photos that represent a discipline, an aspect of horse life that you love, or the themes of friendship among riders, and, of course, your friendship with your horse!


Although it is hard to choose, please try to limit your photos to one or two of your favorites!



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Opal and I after a training session a couple of summers ago



1) Me and my horse Wally

2) My other horse, Prince


This is my horse Mowgli... :)

The newest lawn mower... Mowgli 3000!

Me riding Mo in a halter! :)

That was the last one! I would post more but it would take to long! :)

Here is a picture of my stallion A Fine Romance - and me.  The wonderful equine photographer Barbara Livingston had come to our farm to take pictures of him, in the snow.. and I was NOT supposed to be getting my picture taken.

Unbeknownst to me, Barbara took this shot of my dear Fred and me...I have had him since his conception and he is now 20..and I think it shows the bond we have together....


photo taken by and used with the permission of Barbara Livingston

This is my lovely Christmas beauty, Classic Lady!


My horse Romeo is an eventer at Training level

1. Stadium

2. Having a blast in the field

3. Dressage warm up

My horse Romeo is an eventer at Training level

1. Stadium

2. Having a blast in the field

3. Dressage warm up

Where are the photos. Julia? I couldn't find them. Can you add them here - or to your Barnmice page?
This is me and my Half-Arabian mare Black Magnolia. I've had her since she was 5 and now she's 15. I can't believe it's already been 10 years!

Nick Goldsmith took the first picture of my gelding and I at a 25 mile competitive trail ride in Vermont.  We were having a lot of fun!


The second picture is of my four year old mare and me.  I really like this picture because I always stick out my tongue - apparently my horse is picking up on my bad habits.

I love to just watch my horses Jazz and Aura run in the field.






I love the view from where I sit, and I can give my Fjord Aura a scratch or pass her a carrot.



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