Sound It Out

The following are a group of words, that at first glance and first saying don't make sense... but say them SLOWLY and LISTEN to what you hear to figure out what the phrase is. Example: Common Firm Their Rain = Come In From The Rain

1. Abe An An Appeal
2. Abe Autumn Lisp Hit
3. Abe Ax tree Tally
4. Abe Hair Heat Rash You're
5. Abe Hum Pen Thin Height
6. Abe Odd Hull Up Hop
7. Abe Rye Tidy Yeah
8. Abe Who Beat Wrap
9. Able Ankle Hook
10. Able Hiss Heard
11. Able Owe Knees Hand Which
12. Ace Date Tough Gay Hoss
13. Ace Heal Ink Van
14. Ace Heck Hunch Ants
15. Ace Height Force or Rise
16. Ace Kits Offer in Hick
17. Ace Leap Lesson Height
18. Ace Lie Soap Eye
19. Ace Lope Oak
20. Ace Nose Dorm

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This is hilarious--it's like when you hear a foreign language with just enough of the language to hear the syllables & parts of the words --you swear you hear words with meaning but nothing makes sense. Good for the brain!
1. A banana peel
2. A bottomless pit
3. A back street alley
19. A slow poke.
20. A snow storm
# 14 - A second chance
8. A boobie trap
5. a bump in the night
4. A buried treasure
5. A bump in the night
6. A bottle of pop
7. A bright idea
8. A boobie trap
9. A blank look
10. A blizzard
11. A bologna sandwich
12. A state of chaos
13. A ceiling fan
14. A second chance
15. A sight for sore eyes
16. A schizophrenic
17. A sleep last night?
18. A slice of pie
19. A slow poke
20. A snow storm
1) A banana peel
2) A bottomless pit
3) A backstreet alley
5) A bump in the night
6) A bottle of pop
7) A bright idea
8) A booby trap
9) A blank look
10) A blister
11) A bologna sandwich
12) A state of chaos
13) A ceiling fan
14) A second chance
15) A sight for sore eyes
16) A schizophrenic
17) A sleepless night
18) A slice of pie
19) A slow poke
20) A snow storm

Totally stumped on 4!


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