Lately I have been struggling with my horse Dez when I'm riding her. So I was thinking I should go back to groundwork. I've read about Parelli games and natural horsemanship, but never actually done it. And I think she would be great at it because once she trusts you, she can be a really nice horse. There's lot's of people on barnmice that do games and stuff, so please, if anybody wants to offer any tips or activities that I can do with my horse. =) Thanks!

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Pat Parelli Introduction:
This yoiung lady and her horse are so connected and talented! Love watching them ovre and over.

This is the same youing lady and her horse a couple of years ago. You can tell they spend much time together and are very bonded/
They really are good.. I'm going to put more bending and circling into my routines, and spins and turns..... not so much flat work..... but I love her inspirational moves with her horse!!
YOUtube also has a section called Parellitube. Lots of Parelli fun ideas there. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions as they arise.
I live in Ontario, Canada. Around Ottawa. Kinda lol. Im farther out but you probably don't know any of the little cities I live near so I picked a bigger one lol.
Did what I said I was doing with her sound right?
Yes it did sound right.. I mean to me... that's all I know how to do, working on having my horse follow and doing turns.... :)
Okay, so you are doing approach and retreat for the friendly game, right?
That is part of it. In the friendly game you'd want to approach in a non threatening way.
You can use your carrot stick or your hand. You want to touch the horse all over till noting scares him. You can swing your string all over them, starting where they are comfortable and getting closer gradually. This is a soft feeling when it slides across their body. Also swinging your stick and string all around the horse front, back, sides and over top. When you do it in front of them it's a good idea sometimes to keep moving away from the horse & bringing him along on the lead line. he's approaching or chasing the string . Builds their confidence that it doesn't come after them. At some point you will be able to hit the string close to the horses feet and he'll know you aren't gonna hurt him. Again, gradually. You shouild be able to see this in action on YOUTube. The friendly game with your hand is rubbing every inch of their body without making them nervous. I'm probably leaving sometihng out but these are things that came to my mind.
Once you are able to do one game a little, then go on to begin the next game and continue to grow with the previous games. And on and on. You're never really finished cause you can 'up' things continuously.
I know I can't do this justice without pics so be sure to put together with YOUTube. I still can't do it justice but as a progressive student I can help some. Hopefully! It's so much fun and satisfying to get the progress and closer with your horse.
Enjoy! Driving and Porcupine next...
The one thing I have learned is that mr. Parelli is very much into the emotional side of the horse... and I love that. Oliver has a trainer that rides him and teaches him the technical stuff and how to be collected and stuff I don't even know how to do... but my job is the relationship part...... with Shirley's exercise, focus on the energy you are outputting, the message you are giving your horse about friendly game.. which I don't even know the games, but I call it advance and retreat or draw and pull...... getting my horse comfortable with me.... my horse is dropping and rolling around me now, he used to brace and give me his shoulder...... it takes spending alot of time with her and expressing your emotions as well as doing the physical work on dragging the string around her.. I worked on relationship training for a year now..... it's all I do.. can I get him to join up and follow me until I'm done with him? does he want to hang out with me? will he drop? how about lay down? how about roll?????? I am working on getting my horse to drop so I can touch his winky so I can get out beans if I have to and I started 3 weeks ago.... now whenever I am with him he is yawning, dropping and he's starting to roll... from bracing and giving me his shoulder he's turning in... and softening..... I bet she would like that...... getting a chance to just relax with you... part of my game that I consider friendly is to not look my horses in the eye, give them a shoulder, and also to walk in curves and circles around them and retreat as soon as I get their eye or ear..... to pull them in.... the invisible string game... I work at liberty though so that's what I work on.. Relationship is just as big an issue for a horse as physical and mental issues..... they need the emotional support of their leader that they can relax and be confident in your presence.... :) whenever I study Parelli or read the magazine, I love that i'm into the emotional side of my horse.... I shoot for that low nicker that horses do out their nose to know i'm doing a good job... and that they are drawn to me and catch me.... and I don't have to catch them... :)

what I work on is energy and intent... being honest and real with my horses, spending at least an hour a day in the presence of one of them at a time.... working on bonding, and seeing if I can get them to follow at liberty..... then I want to jog side by side and move a little faster......
HI Jennifer, Did you get a chance to watch the YOUTube videos done by Natalie? I don't know what her language is, French? but the emotions and connections going on with her and her horse are far beyond language difference anyway. It's a heart language that we can hear when we watch these two.
You and I seem to be working toward the same goal with our fellas. It's interesting to compare notes on how we get there. You have had the added challenge of Oliver coming to you in the've had to work through everything from the very beginning. I realize you've had help from Steve but you were there as the newbee on a daily basis and that's a job. Each small step must seem huge and so satisfying. In my mind the little steps on a regular basis are what gives you a well raised horse. I say raised cause it's more then training in my view.
Sounds like Steve is doing the traditional training if he has Oliver very rideable and collected etc. but you are finding a way that works for you to develope that great relationship amd trust. I think that our horse has to feel our confidence and leadership so they can feel confident in listening to us rather then their base
We do look at this similarly too when it comes to seeing our horses being comfortable and relaxed with us....laying down, rolling, dropping. Many people have no idea what these things represent with their horse and even won't allow them to do these things when together. "Don't let them roll or they'll roll when you are riding", "don't let them drop or they'll do in when you are showing and the judge won't place you" etc. The other day I had a fella say in a group that if you feed your horses treats, then you deserve to get kicked in the head cause you've given your horse the message that he's your leader cause you let him eat the food where normally the alpha horse gets the food first. Is that wild logic? If that was true we wouldn't be able to do our chores and feed them. Anyway I'm getting off topic.
Talking about being able to touch them all over....I get to do that cleaning job in the next couple of days. Everyone else at our barn has the vet do it while tranquilized for their teeth. Now that I say that I don't know anyone else that takes care of there horses needs in that way. Hum?
Enjoy your journey!
Hi Shirley!! I have to watch the video still.... :) I am going to I promise.. I keep going outside and playing.. omg, the weather is gorgeous here.. I have to rejoice in how amazing it is since I bicker when it's hot and dusty and I'm stuck inside hiding from the sun and flies... anyway, I've been working with my two horses one a right and one a lefty one a whoa and one a go and really working on the draw and the pull because i have one of each.. it's been an amazing month or so for me... I feel so much better in my emotional state..... I think that is what it is too is that you have got to have your own stuff in check... :) Steve is going to be on RFDTV on Sunday real early in the morning but I'm going to tape it..... he is a super emotional man too... he encouraged me to let my horse roll the other day but then he didn't let me go near him or touch him when he was down but just let Oliver be.... when I am with my trainer we hang out with the horses like we would if we were Indians and it was our job to hang out with our horses and get them to hang out with us..... he is so super about his emotional side and he is always in check.... he taught me to laugh and smile alot around my horses if I am truly happy not bs smiles, but to be real calm and confident and I have so much fun with him.... so my training is to pay him to ride my horse and get him all trained and to hang out with me like you would a best friend around horses and just let things come as they may.... like imagine if you were with pat and instead of him pushing you to try things you just played with the horses and saw what happens.. I guess that's what we do... :) I haven't even tried to touch olivers winky yet..... but I am truly amazed since I started practicing this relationship stuff that i even see it.... he never even used to drop and he would always brace.... now he's yawing too and breathing heavy out his nose and his shoulder is not so braced.... I remember when I couldn't even get to his side without him trying to block me with his head... .. poor guy, he had tension and probably a headache too.... we are not impressive in our sessions to anyone but me, you and Steve but ya, Oliver is rolling when we are together now and laying down and we are not provoking him... but steve showed me the exercise of getting them to lay down and when they are going to try, like if you were under saddle, how not to let him. but he was so relaxed with us the other day he wanted to go down so bad and Steve didn't let him... ")
I watched these two videos and the other one where the lady and the horse were in a competion or something?
I don/t see what you mean by the competition video. Maybe you clicked on one of the options beside the video links. That sure can be a major time eater.
Glad you are having such great weather. We are getting snow daily but I've still been able to get to the barn. Yeah!
The Saavy Times magazine is beautiful.... I love reading it, looking at the stories, etc.....


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