Hi-We live in Southwest Florida and want to start buying and selling hay. Of course our knowledge of hay is as horse people. We feed Timothy or Timothy with low alfalfa content. I would appreciate advice on in the ins and outs of buying hay in large quantities for resale. Some sell by ton, some by bale, there are delivery charges, etc. etc. Of course the feed stores don't want to advise since that is their business. Would like more knowledge from someone who does this or is knowledgeable of hay "math".

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Hi There...can't really give any help with how its done, but absolute tons of hay in our area(Ontario,Canada) is bought by
people somehow affiliated with the racetracks.

When I have heard of these people buying, it is generally before the first cut. And they come up from Florida and California and basically drive around to different farmers in a good hay area, and do their purchasing that way...most of the time they will buy
most of the farmers crop, but most of the farmers I know, luckily save some for local purchase because horses in Ontario need
to eat too :)
Hi Jenal, thanx for letting me what you know. Yes a lot of stables here get Canadian hay, also from N.Y. and basically from anywhere up North. Like any other business, it seems you really have to know the ins and outs not to be taken advantage of. We will probably have to just "jump right in" and learn along the way and hope we don't go broke first. If you are ever in this area, (Fort Myers, FL), come trail riding with us. Lark
Our local hay seller started exporting hay to the US a few years ago (I'm in Ontario). I don't know the ins and outs of it, but I do know he has changed the way he bales. He sells timothy and tim/alf mixes and the bales are heavier now (50lbs I think) than what we would usually get and absolutely uniform in size, shape and weight. This change was at the request of distributors in the US. Generally bales around here that are sold locally are closer to 40lbs and don't stack as neatly as these big bales - a major consideration for trucking the hay, I would think. I would make sure whoever your seller or broker here is knows about the needs of the freight operators and end users there.
Hi Jen, thanx for your input. Yes the bales I have been getting for personal use are only 35-40 lb, easy for me to handle but for resale, a higher weight seems to be what is desired. If I am buying by the ton, of course weight is weight, easy to compare but then reselling by the bale is a consideration. We also have "hay" coming in to this area which is just orchard grass which is not cheap but I do not buy it for my horses. And I do think that the hay producers are versed in what the truckers need. Also a consideration is-do the flakes come apart easily or do you have to struggle with them, which is an issue when you are feeding multiple horses. Thanx again. Lark


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