I feel really sorry for those animals - and anyone who encounters them. How could those handlers leave them alone?! It's so irresponsible!

By Peter Rakobowchuk And Pierre Saint-Arnaud, The Canadian Press
MONTREAL - Thieves might have gotten more than they bargained for when they stole a truck on Friday.

About 2,900 pounds more.

In the back trailer of that truck were a tiger and two camels that belonged to a Toronto-area zoo.

They — and the vehicle — were swiped from the parking lot of a motel near Montreal, as their handlers paused during a trip from Nova Scotia to the zoo in Bowmanville, Ont.

Because a trailer-theft ring has been active in the area there's some speculation the thieves might have been unaware of the hefty beasts stored in the back.

"Our (suspicion) and the police suspicion is that it was just an opportunity crime," said Michael Hackenberger, head of the Bowmanville zoo.

"They saw a truck and trailer and stole the truck and trailer, not being aware of what the contents were.

"I've been in this game for 38 years and I have never had this happen."

Hackenberger says the zoo handlers always take precautions, and sleep on ground-level floors near their truck, while keeping the doors locked.

Now he's concerned that "Jonas" the tiger and the two camels, "Shawn and Todd" could die because of the hot weather that's blanketing Quebec.

He's worried the thieves won't open the doors to provide fresh air.

"There's no upside to trying to open the trailer: the tiger is dangerous, the camels are big," he said.

"(But) they need to be watered, they need to be cared for and this is something the animals' handlers have to do. They have the relationship with the animals."

Quebec provincial police say the animals were being transported from a touring circus in Nova Scotia to the Bowmanville zoo.

The two employees handling the travel arrangements stopped for the night in a motel 70 kilometres east of Montreal.

But when they woke up Friday morning, they discovered that the pickup was gone.

Police are now looking for a black Ford F-550, with a metallic grey trailer and Ontario license plates.

Police say the truck could be anywhere in Quebec, or even Ontario.

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I've heard a commercial that says "Put a tiger in your tank" but never have heard "Put a tiger in your trunk".

I hope the animals turn out okay. I hope the thieves pay the price of their crimes.
Just saw on BBC that they have been recovered - thank goodness, apparently no worse for wear!


Oh that's wonderful!!!


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