Transitioning from Bosal to Bit - Teaching Resource Recommendations?

Hello All,

I'm new to BarnMice. Looks like an interesting community.

I will be receiving my new horse at the end of the month. He's a 3yr. old AQHA stallion (as of Jan. 2014) who's currently being ridden in a bosal. He's going well and has been on several all-day social group rides with no incidents. 

I have never ridden a horse in a bosal, however I'd like to continue his current training since he's doing so well. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can find training tips or educational resources to help me take him through the bosal training and into the transition to a bit?

Thanks a bunch,

Linda Agee

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If he's going well in a bosal, you don't need a bit, they will (or should) do whatever with a light touch, and are very responsive. A 6 year old arab mare taught me to use the bosal, that's what she went in, and I just had to catch on, and she was a terrific ride. A 3 yr old is  still learning of course. For books to guide you I really like "Hackamore Reinsman" by Ed Connell. It's all explained very clearly with lots of tips.first published in 1952 twentieth printing 2002. If you followed all in the book, the horse will soon learn also snaffle or curb, if you really want to use one.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will look up the resource. I'm not certain that I will switch him to the bit, but I really need to educate myself, and this sounds perfect. Once again, thank you.

If you have a 'bitless relationship,' you won't need a bit. I ride the stallion and his father tackless, sitting backwards in an open pasture.

Hi Linda,

Buck Brannaman has a book and DVD series,Buck Brannaman The Making of a Bridle Horse Series

You should get a lot of very helpful info in that. 

Good Luck!



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