Good Day, I'm part of a program called Can Praxis which deals with Veterans/PTSD/Horses.  We were about to kick off our pilot program for a number of serving veterans and their spouses.  At the last minute the Canadian Department of National Defence Medical Staff shut the soldiers involvement down stating "there is no evidence that animals help people with PTSD". 


I have some documented research dispelling that myth.  I need more information about horses providing documented health benefits to people with PTSD.  Any research programs, papers, studies that I can be made aware of is required.


Thank you.

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Hi Steve, please join the barnmice forums and post this. I'll be you get some of the info. you are looking for. It will just take you two minutes.

I have a son in law who suffers from this, and
the thing that helped him more than anything
was their yorkshire terrier. After months of medications
and severe depression we noticed a great turn around
in him after he spent time with walks and playtime
with Bailey. It helped him to get over the hard part
of adjusting. Now with the right meds and his time
with Bailey he is gaining on living a good life.
Animals play an important part in humans life
and how they mend.
Thank you for the info.  I'm glad to hear he has found something that works.  Please pass along my regards and thanks.
Thank you will check them out.

Here are some more links:


As usual the US is leaps and bounds ahead.


What a cop out by the CDN forces. I have friend who served in Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD; it was recommended he consider a pet.  I've also taken him out to the farm to see my horse, and even though he didn't ride, he said it was very calming for him just petting and hanging out with the horses and being out in the country.  Anything that helps break the cycle of anxiety has to be useful!!?   I'm not sure how far you are willing to go, but how about some pressure on local gov officials?  Maybe go to the press? 


Shouldn't the Gov/forces be doing everything they can to help our veterans heal? 

Thanks for the additional links.  We'll check them out.  We are trying to get the attention of Veterans Affairs as well as our MPs.  It's tough to do but we will keep trying.  We do know the value of this program, it's just getting the decision makers to slow down and hear us, not just listen to us.  Thanks again for the info!

You could also try social work/psych departments as local universities - they may have prof/grad students with grant money that would take this on as a research project?  That's how my friend Brenda got started with her Horse Connection program for youth, and after the early success, it's grown into a full on-going program. 


Good luck!


Any veterinarian will back  you up on the important role animals play in people's lives. Proof positive that animals taken to nursing homes brighten lives. A person is forced to set aside their difficulties for however briefly to care for the animal and this in itself can be respite from a tortured mind.


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