Hey guys!! Just wondering the breed of your horse. Cheers

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I forgot one of my minis left yesterday... I actually only have 5
my little herd is friesians and morgans at this time- 2 morgan mares and 2 friesian mares and one friesian stallion named Zen

This is him in December 007
I have a 25 yr old Morgan and an 11 year old Appaloosa. My Morgan taught me how to ride again after a long hiatus to have children and my young appaloosa took over when my morgan wasn't able to carry a rider for long rides anymore. I love them both to pieces!
I'm new to this forum and still trying to figure it out. How do you Edit or delete a reply?
Your appaloosa is so beautiful! I have an appaloosa too.
I have paint mare, Falabella gelding, and a miniature horse gelding who has out grown the mini 38" height limit...now he is offically a pony at 9.3hh! (and still growing!)
I have a chestnut 7/8 Arabian; 1/8 Appy Gelding and a dark bay OTTB Mare
We have five Gypsies.

Two Mares, One Gelding, Two-Three Year Old Filly's and one on the way. We are totally addicted to our horses!
Gypsies are my favourite breed, you're so lucky, they're gorgeous.
We have Dutch, Holsteiner, Belgian warmbloods and one Welsh cross large pony

I have Curlies! The are wonderful all around horses, but the best part is that they are hypoallergenic for those who are allergic to regular horses.

I have a couple of warmbloods, one of them is in foal to a German Reitpony. Mom has my old Clyde/TB. Love the warmbloods, they are bred for my sport.


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