Do you squeeze then kick, or just kick, or scoot your fanny in the saddle or squeeze then tap with crop. or squeeze and then whack with the crop? Do you tap with the crop or whack with the crop and do you use the crop in front of the saddle or behind....Or do you slap your rein from side to side just in front of the saddle? Just curioius what different ideas riders have on this...

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Yup! A dressage whip is what I would use because It's long enough to reach the hip or other areas that would trigger forward movement, and it has that little lash on the end to "tickle" rather than "pop"

PS when I said "pop him one" thats what I meant but with a short bat/crop with a popper on the end.
Pop him one does'nt mean punish him, just that a regular bat has a sound making element to it.

Cash sounds like a great horse, and I also sometimes use the bat/crop on the shouder to "wake them up" and get them ready for the next fence, again in preperation for a turn or a lead change.
I just have to think "go" and give a light squeeze, and my horses will go.
And they will stop also when you ask?
Now really - that's just showing off, Marti! Ha ha ha! (Only kidding!) :-) x
I want to do that Marti.... I'm trying, and practicing, LOL.... the mindwork... Isn't that what focused riding is? I notice even on the ground work I do to project myself, my eyes and where I want the horse to go.. think it..... :)
LOL I have the problem of STOPPING hm form going! I just lightly squeeze and push my pelvis slightly forward.
Lightly squeeze with heels, calfs or thighs or whole leg?
We are improving greatly now...finally with 'walk'...'trot' push with pelvis and light squeeze with calf and then if not moving a firm tap on shoulder. Now I'm keeping him moving long enough to practice my position. It's really hard when they won't keep moving to learn anything with any grace or smoothness. Just abut get to feel things and he stops. It really is much better with all these little aids but that's easy enough. I'm happy for the procress. He will go easily if I want to spin or sidepass. don't mean to fool anyone, we don't spin very fast ...Yet! He loves it. I think we'd have a great time playing with cows. Maybe I'll get to find out someday.
I love horsen around!


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