What happens or what should you do when you feed your horses too much feed?

hi all,

tonight I found out that i fed my horses too much of their feed. It was their first time eating the new feed, so I am very worried that they might get colic. What should I do??

it was a very stupid thing for me to do.

If have any advice pls tell me. Thank you :)

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Could u be a little more specific? For future reference always start any new feed or supplement gradually. 

No. 1 rule I was told when I started care with my first horse was make all feeding changes gradually, whether time on pasture, new feed, switching from wet to dry, or even timing of feed . Getting into the grain is one of the leading causes of colic. It depends how much too much you gave, but keep a very close eye on them. If they seem fine, and don't start laying down, nipping their sides etc., then go back to your old routine, and start gradually with any new change. If they start laying down uncharacteristically, breathing fast, heart rate up, or you can't hear tummy sounds you better call a vet asap.. Even if they don't actually colic, they can still get tender footed (mild laminitis) from sudden change in feed or increase in grain or pasture time if they are susceptible to that. Your vet or farrier can advise you if that happens but cut them back or take them off the pasture in the short term.


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