I actually have two my natural dandy brush and this cool raised edged coocfiber brush that gets the dust out and polishes at the same time. Reinholds horse wellness


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I admit I only use a curry comb and a dandy brush.  Even at horse shows, although one day I may break out my soft polish brush.  Curry, dandy (cleaning the dandy with the curry as you go), and then, if needed, I use Mac Wipes to take residual dust off (I refresh them with a home made mixture of alcohol, witch hazel and water). 

I have some cherished Stubben brushes - a body brush and a mud brush. I've had them for almost 30 years. The item I love is a plastic brush that has tines that separate. I love that thing. It does not pull.  It too is a vintage item. It is about 20 years old. The company still makes the brush. Unfortunately it is made off shore and the plastic is of poor quality. 


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