What type of horse do you have?  I have a welsh-arabian, 13hh pony named merlin and we do dressage, hunter, jumper and cross-country!

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i understand you! it is the same with me my pony is my best friend too
I've got a fantastic 9 year old Appy x QH mare named Miagh (Scottish fro Mia). I also have Miagh's half sister, Luna. She's 15.1hh and 9 years old as well.
14 yr old appaloosa mare, and as soon as I and my trainer get ger up to snuff we're going to ride for fun :)
Hi I have a standardbred 3 year old colt (June 22nd foal)... 16.2 1/2 about 1200 lbs. he is very young for a race horse... youngest horse in his sale year... His reg. name is Tiocfaidh Ar La... it is Irish for Our Day Will Come, but we call him Che after Ernesto 'Che' Guevera... this hore is like his name sake... a true rebel who has to do it all his way... and he is big enough and tough enough... and we have been around long enough to do it his way for the most part... we just convince him -- usually through bribery that it is his/way that is our way... and we are all good! Any yes he knows he is being bribed and loving it! His sire is Rustler Hanover... Rustler's mother is a mare called Rich N Ellegant... who was just inducted to the Canadian Hall of Fame as the richest and most impressive broodmare (standardbred) of all time. On his other maternal side his grandmother Camatross is the second richest and rated number 2 standardbred brood mare of all time. His mother Puccini Blue Chip is the full sister to a horse called Gallo Blue Chip- the richest standardbred in North America of all time... Gallo is at the horse park in the states as a rep of his breed currently as he is retired... I got Che for a 'bargin' price since he was so yound and big and very, very tough to work with... I plan to race him this year, and then ride him lightly starting in the summer, when he is done racing he will be retired and we will show full time. I am totally different than the standardbred people since Che is a part of the family first, a future (I hope) eventer, and a race horse last... this photo was taken in the summer... I hope to dig up my fav of him... jumping a bush with a bucket in his mouth... but have to search through thousands of photos we have of him... lol lol

He sure is stunning.... my mustang likes to do things his way too, but we don't let him... it's funny when he's having a rebellious moment.
You guys seem real comfy together...
Here is another pic of my mustang, Oliver Idaho..... :)

and my Grade Horse, Toby...

as you can see they both tolerate my just learning to ride.. no matter what kind of horses you have, when they allow you to be their friend, I don't think any of the rest matters.. they are so nice to me and so good.... :)
i THINK my horse is either quarter horse/morgan OR quarter horse/standardbred.

unfortunately i dont know for sure! Those are the general guess i have gotten so far. i would love to hear your ideas bout her!

Hi I doubt standardbred, but with standardbreds they are such a universal looking horse that I have fooled judges and riding people for years with some that looked like quarter horses, thourghbreds and german warmbloods and variations of all of these. After I would clean up in ribbons I would then let people know what breed I had ridden. Now standardbreds are more accepted, so I won't have do that with my horse Che... but after having a morgan and seeing a number I would say likely quarterhorse/morgan cross... her head and barrel are more morgan looking mixed with quarterhorse. take care deb... ps nice looking mare... cute as a button! most standardbreds are longer and when mixed with quarterhorse, they usually are heavier, and still fairly long barreled.
she is so stout and healthy looking. I love her neck..... I don't claim to know anything about breeds... I look in the horses eyes. She seems alert and friendly, is she Cassandra
I have 5 miniature horses (Grace, Pearl, Oreo, Heime, and Molly) that i show and breed. I have an appaloosa gelding(Bud) that I ride english and we do jumping. I have a thoroughbred mare (Pashia) and she does just about everything. A paint gelding (Chance) we ride western and trail ride. and I have a paint yearling filly (Luna), she is just being halter broke and all that fun stuff as I just got her...she was going for meat. and she's had no training at all and she's a mess... super skinny. We also think she might be part arab


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